--IMPORTANT-- Game optimization (specifically RAM)

So, I saw the steam page for requirements and whatnot, and here's what i saw:

2.0 Ghz CPU (ok)
4GB RAM (reasonable)
GPU: just a voodoo so idc

Heres what worries me, though:
3.0 Ghz (kinda a standard, so ok)
8GB RAM (wat)
GPU still a voodoo

The RAM is off the charts, it what im trying to say.
I understand as games get more complicated, the needs for it rise, but this is just insane.
Ya know what else uses 8 gigs of ram?

Cod: WW2
No man's sky

E X C U S E M E , W T F

We gotta work on this, as this is crazy.
Sometimes I make mods, then take them down for some reason or another.