Quick Barotrauma dev news

Hi all!

We’re getting closer to the Early Access release (we’re currently aiming for the end of March, keep your fingers crossed for us!), and along the way one of our monsters has evolved to the point that it now needs a new name. So what do you think this critter should be called?

Looking forward to your ideas!
P.S. The next big step before Early Access will be the closed beta testing phase, more information coming about that soon.
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Re: Quick Barotrauma dev news

Window_Wiper_Guy wrote:
Fri Jan 18, 2019 2:27 pm
Either Tryanno
named it after the T-Rex because of how it stands, like how you did with the Mantis.
Describes it well, it's not a Tyrant of the deep as such, Just a Tyrant of unwary divers, even more so with how horrifying the alpha version. I'd say its a good option, one that describes it adequately and the name definitely strikes fear into those that dare to enter the deep waters of Europa.

Re: Quick Barotrauma dev news

Looks like a cross between a crustacean and a bipedal alligator? Wait why is it bipedal if it's an underwater creature?

Anyway while digging around for etymology I came across the fact that "All birds are bipeds when on the ground, a feature inherited from their dinosaur ancestors," so odds are this thing only has legs because it's a not-too-distant ancestor of dinosaurs. So Archosaurs seem like the group to go with. Then that lead me to Postosuchus, which seems like a close match to the BT creature.

So what does this mean? I don't really know, maybe someone can use this info to think up a historically accurate name. One noteworthy thing is that Postosuchus means "crocodile from the past," so I tried looking for translations of "crocodile from the future" that sounded cool but nothing was really striking about it.