Night Vision Googles- Feature Request

I do believe submarine crew needs to locate themselves underwater somehow in those several dark depths. Night vision googles in Barotrauma are so good at their job they consume batteries half as fast as player drains oxygen from diving suits. Much better quality view that that of real life night vision googles.

* Excellent clear view with green tint screen of entire are around without bringing flares, flashlights or other stuff lightning area. Highest quality light source.
* Allows you to remain in darkness without alerting monsters of your position with additional lightning.
* Wearing it with diving suit causes diving suit's light to be turned off.

* Must be equipped in headset slot to work.
* Blinds player upon losing power.
* Lightened spots are too bright for night vision googles to see well in them. Night vision googles are only good for dark areas.
* Needs to be toggled manually otherwise it will start wasting power by itself.

* Copper bar (25% condition).
* Carbon bar.
* FPGA circuit.
* 30 seconds.
* Level 30 or higher electrical engineering skills.

100 credits- Default.
75 credits- Military and research.
Barotrauma submarine designer- rico6822

Re: Night Vision Googles- Feature Request

Xeno wrote:
Sun May 26, 2019 2:09 pm
I feel like part of the fun is getting ambushed by creatures from the dark as this game is meant to spoke you a little.
Maybe instead of lighting up the whole area it shows a small 360 degree area
Yes but notice that you need to disable your headset for it in order to work which would cause you to lose certain info about what your crew members said as well as you can see only in dark areas. If someone flashes a light it would cause the lit area to be too bright to correctly judge what is being in the light.
Barotrauma submarine designer- rico6822