Suggestions for TRAITOR improvements+roadmap critique

Hello, I'm a Barotrauma addict and a long time player. I'd like to point out some thing on the Trello roadmap regarding traitors and suggest some improvements to this great feature.

Let's start with the good stuff
-Destroy cargo
Great idea! The target outpost will be out of supplies, the sailors won't get paid and it doesn't decrease survival chances of traitor, if he does it covertly.
-Sabotage all diving suits and diving masks
No EVA missions for this crew. Ruin expedition will have to be either abbandoned or not everyone will have a chance to participate. It's not easy to guard oxygen and suits since almost everyone needs these. Perfect for a covert traitor mission.
-Standard kill target covertly, thats in the game at the moment
This has always been fun, no need to change this

Now to the bad stuff
Things like jamming and sabotaging certain components of the submarine temporarily don't make much sense for traitor, even if they sound like it. Traitor is supposed to survive the mission as well, why would he decrease his chances by sabotaging the thing his life depends on?
-Jam sonar for x seconds
-Sabotage ballast pumps for x seconds
-Sabotage oxygen generator for x seconds
-Sabotage all diving suits and diving masks
-Sabotage all coilgun/railgun ammo
-Cause a meltdown within x seconds
-Flood % of sub for x seconds

All of these target the submarine, potentially destroying it or making it less habitable for the crew AND for the traitor as well. Long term covert damage by secretly killing staff, destroying supplies to take away pay from the submariners and choke supplies for the outposts as well as long term getting rid of supplies in a slow and secret manner would be excellent, rather than Causing a meltdown or sabotaging ballasts. That sounds like the free griefing tickets devs are trying to prevent!

Suggested missions
-Secretly throw out medical/resource/weapon/diving supplies of value of x credits
-Switch identity with a crew member and finish the mission with him arrested or dead (more on arresting below)
-After aquiring the artifact from artifact mission ruin, get rid of it (deconstruct or throw out)
-Steal x% of resources from the delivery mission crates, before the crew finishes the mission
-Make one of the crew members a drug addict when the mission is finished
-Access the navigation console for x seconds to learn secret sensitive info about the crew/sub

Missions of this sort allow the traitor to survive the main mission as well as hurting the submariners in the long term. Causing a nuclear meltdown is just lame and it often happens anyway in public matches.

Suggestion on how to deal with a traitor
Crew that takes their time and risk to arrest the traitor and bring him to the next station alive for questioning and further inprisonment should get the best reward. Dead traitor should still yield a small reward, but arresting includes social interaction as well as a bit of risk. This way, traitor will be seen not just as a threat or annoying thing to deal with, but also as an opportunity to make more credits/get other rewards.

Last thoughts
Traitors who play well are some of the best fun in Barotrauma and giving them proper missions, that don't ruin/annoy the entire crew and keep the sub going is a good way to encourage strategic and social gameplay. One other possibility is to not constrain traitor to 1 mission, but reward him for each of the long term secret sabotages he manages to do. "Oh so that was YOU who did x!" is great fun in lobby after a good traitor match. If you have more suggestions for covert missions for traitor that damage the crew in the long term, write them in the comments, we might make a list. Thanks for reading.

Re: Suggestions for TRAITOR improvements+roadmap critique

I like this I like this a lot.
There’s nothing more satisfying to me when a traitor only kills his target, and does it in a way that confuses everyone.

Maybe there could be certain traitor tools you could choose from in the start of the game. Some examples are:
Start with some poison
Obtain a remote control detonator (the current one is only good for distractions as there’s a high chance to kill the wrong person)
A disabling device that temporarily renders a device inoperable until it’s temoved, with the proper skill it would take around 30 seconds lower skill levels could take up to 2 minutes.
The previous item but can be planted and remotely activated
A clown mask
Assortment of weapons (some more expensive then others)
A noise maker that’s really obnoxious to distract the crew while the my figure out how to shut the damn thing off
A kit to sabotage suits and gas mask so after a period of time the device fails

These are just basic ideas
Just your average drug addicted Medic