Seperate Push To Talk for Radio?

Currently all voice you transmit in the game while having radio headset equipped is automatically sent to the radio-- making it effectively impossible to merely listen to the radio while talking ONLY on local proximity with voice.

Is it at all possible to enable a key for triggering speaking into the radio specifically? This would be an easy solution for allowing listening in on radio traffic while still taking advantage of the voice proximity mechanics.

Re: Seperate Push To Talk for Radio?

I do believe there should be a button on keyboard required to voice chat. I would pick "V" key since people playing TF2 are used to voice chat by holding it. Also not everyone wants to use voice chat and somebody may suddenly enter the room, causing noise. If somebody wants to use voice chat without holding "V" key than I guess there should be an optional setting in options menu to have voice chat enabled all the time without holding a specified key and if it should be enabled even when the player is browsing "Esc" menu.
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Re: Seperate Push To Talk for Radio?

I was in a public round with 14 players, and this is very necessary for that. I also want to be able to talk to people around me only anyway. I think a button next to the text chat would work great that toggles speaking radio or not.

Another method is to have headsets be "unequipped" but still in your ear slot.