Suggestion for expanding more Detailed Difficulty Settings

Greetings. I want to make a proposal to add an adequate player-adjustable guaranteed spawn option to the game for both versions of the game: single player version and multiplayer version.
To my deepest regret, the standard chance of the appearance of various kinds of creatures is extremely low, and as I played for about 200 hours in total, I meet only the same opponents. Such as Tiger Thresher, Husk, Mudraptor, Crawler, Thalamus, Hammerhead ( all his versions ).
Of all the creatures listed, only very large flocks of Tiger Thresher and Thalamus caught by surprise are dangerous. Like many players, I have not seen other creatures for a long voyage, and increasing the difficulty to the maximum in multiplayer does not help. Please think about it because the game starts becoming boring and annoying pretty quickly. I also want to note that some Legacy versions of creatures are outwardly superior to the current ones, so why not make their general spawn like a variation of the Hammerhead spawn?