Inventory needs to be smoothed out and made faster

As someone who has played a lot of SS13: Barotrauma's inventory system really sucks.

This comes down chiefly to two things:
  • Moving items is slow and clunky
  • Often, moving an item doesn't register properly - especially with "pop-out" slots like Welding Tools and Plasma Cutters
This is frustrating and wastes time in the best of cases and can be fatal in the worst.

I'd say problem #2 is definitely a priority - I really don't want to accidentally put my welding tank into my inventory if I want to put it in my Welder, or worse yet, drop it on the ground because it didn't properly click, all the while trying to combat a severe breach.

Problem #1 is more complex but lower priority. I'd recommend making the inventory slots larger, for a start.

TL;DR - improve the speed at which items can be equipped/moved and fix weird things happening when moving items.