Mic system / voice system / VOIP

Any type of voice system implemented INTO the game would be a great addition. Remember how the dead don't talk? Well, lots of these '---- don't talk' mechanics are ruined because if we want to use our mic to get orders in fast in tense situations, someone is also going to use their mic to say 'I have a husk infection, I can't type but I can still talk cause i'm using a third party voice program'.

An integrated voice system would be amazing, as we'd retain the mechanics.

As for how it'd work, my suggestion would be something like:
1. local chatter, the closer you are to someone the louder they get, farther away the softer they get.
2. radio chatter, of course in future versions perhaps frequencies can be made, but at the moment it's best to keep it simple. You have a bettery, you have a radio equipped in your headset slot, you can press a button and communicate to anyone in radio range.

just an idea to be developed on, as it'd greatly enhance gameplay.