Motion Detector

A detector similar to the Oxygen one or the Water detector but this one triggers with the presence, or the lack of, a character in the specified range. This is actually a doable object since I already added it via modding with this code in it:

Code: Select all

    name="Motion Detector"

    description="Sends out a signal when it detects movement.">

    <Sprite texture="signalcomp.png" depth="0.8" sourcerect="0,0,31,24"/>

    <MotionSensor range="100" canbeselected = "true"/>
	<Body width="31" height="24" density="30"/>

    <Holdable selectkey="Action" slots="Any,RightHand,LeftHand" msg="Detach [Wrench]" PickingTime="5.0"
              aimpos="65,-10" handle1="0,0" attachable="true" aimable="true">
      <requireditem name="Wrench" type="Equipped"/>

    <ConnectionPanel selectkey="Action" canbeselected = "true" msg="Rewire [Screwdriver]">
      <requireditem name="Screwdriver,Wire" type="Equipped"/>
      <output name="state_out"/>
It's so useful for a number of features, including:
-Automatic Door Systems: It opens when it detects a character and closes when none is present.
-Automatic Lighting Systems: It turns on the lights when a character is in range and turns off when no characters are in range.
-Security Alarms: Wire it to an Alarm Buzzer, Emergency Siren and/or Lights that will go off when it detects a character.
-Unauthorized Access Lockdown: Instead of opening doors, it will close them and keep them like that when a character enters its detection range.
-Forced Lighting: Set range to 0 and invert the output and false output, then wire it to "Set State" of one or more lamps. It makes them take longer to turn off when the sub is losing power and they will only turn off when the power is completely gone. You can do this with the outside lighting to make the sub easier to detect by rescue shuttles or you can do this with certain lights in a submarine for creepy atmospheric purposes, since they don't dim as much but fickle more instead when the power is going down.

Those are only a few examples but yeah, cool stuff.