Random Events

Wow this dude likes making suggestions.

Random Events.
My idea is this:
In the server prep, the owner has an option to enable random events (possibly the same Yes, Maybe, No) that the traitors option used.
These random events could be either seed-specific or just entirely random on their own.
Now, this game is already inherently random due to the nature of the random seeds, and the unpredictability of human players.
But, random events could add that extra bit of challenge, mystery, and team-building to the game. For an RP server, such as the one I run, random events could be great.
A private RP server with a crew that works well together and with no mischief makers would mean that the only unpredictability would be the random seeds. But most maps would still be easily completed with no real challenge.

Random Events could spice things up, and add that challenge. A few ideas for events I can come up with on the spot are:
A gas leak. One cause of this I could think of is a combination of battery acid and salt water. The two react, producing acid and chlorine gas. This would be deadly to anyone with continued exposure. The way to fix this would be to get someone in a diving suit (because chlorine gas melts skin) to repair the battery. The room would aerate on it's own when this was corrected.
An engine fire. The engines catch fire due to unknown causes. Could be overheating. Fixed by a mechanic.
Communication interference. Ship-wide communications would be difficult due to an unknown cause. This would slightly corrupt communications and could even cause a ship wide comms blackout. This wouldn't be fixed, only lasting for a certain amount of time, a fair max of two minutes.
An electrical explosion. A surge of electricity caused an explosion at a junction box. This would have the same effects as some sort of flash powder going off for anyone standing nearby during the initial explosion, and it would burn so bright and hot that it could melt surrounding hull tiles. Fixed by extinguishing the fire and repairing the junction box.
Icing. Frigid temperatures of the ocean cause the ship's reactor and/or engines to cool to a dangerously low temperature, interrupting electricity and preventing movement. Fixed by moving more quickly, generating more heat and solving the icing issue.
O2 Generator failure. The oxygen generator experiences a malfunction and ceases to produce oxygen until it is fixed. Fixed by an engineer.
Sonar Failure. Sonar ceases to work and no longer is a viable means of scouting the area. Fixed by an engineer, or automatically restored after a set time.

That's just some stuff I could quickly come up with. I'm sure some of the ideas don't make sense, I don't really know what I'm talking about.

Re: Random Events


Scientists are searching for the cause of dangerously high endworms activity from past few hours. This is trouble making. Colonies are not having enough credits to cover rewards for the monster hunters and some submarines are already reported to stop their missions in fear of the encounters with endworms.


*"Beast From the Abyss" quest has 300% greater chance to occur.

*Endworms spawn rate is increased by 50%.

*"Beast From the Abyss" quest offers 40% less reward.
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