Hello all,

I've recently picked up the game for myself, and my weekly gaming group. I've become mildly obsessed both with sub construction and system extension. I'd like to add a hunger system to the game to provide another layer of concern during some possibly uneventful stretches of the game.

The documentation for modding, in general, is lacking (no criticisms, I'm a software engineer by trade). So, I've been reading through the configuration files, and codebase, to piece together a pipeline for my modding plans.

I was initially going to make use of the Affliction system via overrides, but there doesn't seem to be an appropriate one to make use of, or a generic that can be extended.

After reviewing the git codebase, it looks like I'd have to make a new build to add additional Afflictions.

I've browsed BTE's (8.4) content, and it seems straight forward, but I believe it's out of date for and likely won't function. Also, it requires an over-write of the main game directories, and I'd prefer to keep things simple for my non-technical group.

I have a few assumptions that I'd like to validate:

-If I were to get the code to compile and build, I wouldn't be able to package the executables in a content package for distribution through Steam.

-Overrides are strictly overrides, and would replace the target Afflication if it were overriden.

-My intent was to create a non-Core mod, and I've heard Core mods are not currently supported through Steam multiplayer.

If anyone has insight into how I can approach the problem, I'd appreciate the help.


I've found the information I needed and have implemented rudimentary cooking. Thanks for watching.

Re: Hunger/Afflictions

After some more investigation, reviewing the source code, and testing the standard Fabricator output, it seems like there is a bug. The standard Fabricator doesn't output to linked lockers, even though they're configured to do so (Deconstructors work as expected). Can anyone confirm this in

Reviewing the source code, fabricators do not have output functionality, but Deconstructors do.