Modding Subforum Rules

As well as keeping in mind the Forum Rules please adhere to this set of rules to avoid getting your thread locked!

Modding Rules you should probably follow or something.

1. A download link for your mod must be available in the first post of the topic.
2. If applicable, try to include screenshots of your work.
3. Respect the work of other modders.
  • You must have permission before using content made by others.
  • If you can't offer constructive feedback or feel like insulting a modder for their behavior, refrain from posting altogether. Just report a post if it's in violation of these rules.
4. Please tag your thread with the version of Barotrauma the mod was made for.
5. You're free to bump your own thread. (common sense please)
6. Don't just throw non-working, crap mods. Threads like this may be deleted.

You can tag threads with these:

[WIP]: Work in Progress.
[REL]: Released.
[OLD]: No updates have been done to the mod and it might have problems in newer game versions.