Modding tag standartisation

In dev version, you can run multiple mods at once. I suggest we create a standardised tag system, so instead of needing to go out of your way and make sure battaries from every mod out there fit into your item, you could just use something like
<RequiredItems tag="battery" type="Contained"/>
and all other modders would just add tag batery to their battery-like items and there is no need for manual compatability. everything works!

So here are my suggestions for standartized tags:
Battaries and other universal items that power things - "powercell" (in vanilla stationary battaries that are connected to the grid us the "battery" tag)
Oxygen tanks and other things that supply oxygen to masks and diving suits - "oxygentank"
Welder fuel - "fuel"
can't really think of anything else right now, but i've probably missed something.
start suggesting tags so we can expand the list.
check out my mod Barotrauma Erect