Re: [] Barotrauma Client/Server Modification (v 17/03/2018-2)

Check a previous page or two in the topic for landons version, my current versions code doesn't feel fully safe yet to me to release Mainly because in its unfinished state used as a client it can desync itself or perhaps give too much unconfigurable information to admins (Which could seem cheaty).

I have not had the time to finish it up, but I don't feel its right to release it for everyone as-is.
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Re: [] Barotrauma Client/Server Modification (v 07/07/2018-2)

I have released a new version for everybody to try out, I don't have a changelog so to say (Woops haha, never really had anything ready there) but I'll see if I can explain some changes.

There was new admin support but due to not feeling if this is what server hosts would be interested in or not, I have decided to hold off until I can perhaps work out something that might not be considered "multiplayer cheating for players with kick/ban permissions" on vanilla servers using this modification.

Some of the changes/additions in this version:
A large number of fixes from's version that was patched up to by landon. Such as server player count fixes or syringe colours and other small bugs and crashes.

There are new indicators for spectators and the host, it is now possible to:
see creature locations
objective locations (Be it monster, cargo, salvage etc, it will have a dark reddish colour to differentiate it)
Team shuttles and respawn shuttles.

There is a new system called the GriefWatcher. this component is a public name and shame to potentially griefy (Or just important to know) actions, its highly configurable and displays messages such as:
Bob (As Scruffy) placed hazardous wearable Diving Mask (Welding fuel tank) on Jimmy!

These can ignore traitors, or in some cases ignore when the recipient of an attack is a traitor.
These can be made to be admin only (So only those with permissions receive it, making admins able to better determine potential grief beyond the server logs) or team specific. it also will not state messages when it is against the enemy teams submarine (Blowing their reactor up won't mention a thing but friendly fire will)

The host may now see through disguises
Death chat can be turned off for the host (Later I will add server-logging of the deathchat if possible so it is not lost from the server logs)
Anyone with kick/ban permissions may now send [ADMIN] messages by private messaging in game. the receiving client does not know the sender allowing admins to ask questions incogneto and silently.

the Entire GUI for server hosts abilities has been refactored and regrouped, A few new commands have additionally been added:
- Hosts may now "Shield" a character, making them unable to take health/oxygen/bleed damage and making them invulnerable to pressure.
- It is now possible to return to your last character by using return to body.
- It is also possible to control a character with a click, rip control away from a player without taking control of the char, and take direct control of a player removing their control of the character using "control".
- The unfinished button "SetClientCharacter" and the button "Toggle HUD" have been removed, the setting of other clients characters will eventually be introduced by other means.

Name alphas and name positioning has been adjusted to better scale to the hull taking better account of walls (And be more visible) with a slightly larger range to it, Hosts no longer have a hard time seeing names when spectating.

Clients in multiplayer now have the ability to be assigned the "Spy" command. this command will allow a client to view another players inventory and HUD from their location and viewpoint. this is a little buggy right now as its possible for the client to drop items from the inventory - these will drop only for the client. not the server or other players, and not be able to be picked up.

Servers have a new command to check who are traitors. this command may be used by vanilla clients to have send to their chat the traitors, their targets, and their living/dead status.

Hosts using the client may now turn off aspects of game rendering, though this doesn't offer much in the line of CPU performance if a server has issues with the graphics side it may provide some reduction.

A variable to limit max connections from the same IP has been added, it defaults to 5 connections currently.

A new debug variable has been added that attempts to combat 2 frames per second issues when the game struggles to keep up, but this comes at a cost of client/server accuracy of physics, as well as potentially pointless to use on or buggy behavior to a dedicated server. it is not recommended to be used but still available to try.

Ability to kick/deny connection from those using english or cryllic character sets in their names and messages.

new variables for reactor meltdown timing to change the speed a reactor takes to meltdown or recover from approaching it.

Additionally Sped up game loading but made it slightly choppier.
In short this update has been partially focused on improving ease of administration somewhat and ease of using powers on the fly.

Fixed job assignment logic for servers
added variables for now for the indicators when spectating so hosts can disable them via the settings.xml
Updated game assembly version to
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Re: [] Barotrauma Client/Server Modification (v 08/07/2018-2)

damn... my players are getting a message with the new version saying incorrect hash version or something. any idea of what's going on?


Re: [] Barotrauma Client/Server Modification (v 19/07/2018-1)

Updated nilmod to

Changes for this version:
the mod now targets .Net framework 4.7.2 - this will allow Linux copies to give error numbers on crashes!
character HUD's husk bar location is now fixed
Dedicated and client servers may now partial auto restart themselves on a timed schedule, hopefully this helps with performance
ingameinfo GUI has been revamped! it now has GUI buttons for quick actions on characters and clients, it has also been refactored and feels/performs better overall.
Shield now properly shields characters from pressure deaths and (If server) camera zooming.
Attempted to fix some issues with rejoin code, hopefully characters will become less stuck / bugged.
Jobs random selection if the first 3 jobs on their preferences are taken has been recoded, it is now more preferable to high-skill jobs, and less preferable to select average in multiple field jobs like assistant.
Tweaked melee weapon structure damage capability to preserve original range values
Fixed a few griefwatcher crashes as client
Introduced new chat message channels admin; a; global; g; broadcast; b;
revamped the PM system to allow PMs to hosts and state if its to/from whom.
introduced new permissions settings for hide name on join, admin/global chats, Kick/Ban/Karma immunity, death chat access while alive, Priority job assignment and minimum job bypassing (Priority job assignment also bypasses) and receiving server console information (Such as join messages)!
Hosts are now able to define the permissions and all the commands (Plus a few flags) for those without defined permissions, in the event of sandbox servers or minor commands.
Masterserver will now on more than 10 failiures restart refresh its restclient in case this was causing any problems.
If karma is active, players being spawned will now list their karma if it is below the max karma as a percentage
If a character has no radio, they will now use local chat instead of saying nothing at all.
Character AI no longer fails to move if they had a player previously controlling them
Health regen settings and values have been fixed, bleed now impacts health regen more harshly to prevent 0-health players not going unconcious
Added a minimum name length check, defaults at 2 characters.
Updated homoglyph comparisons to further reduce similar-names visually using unicode characters.
Implemented new spawnprotection method, can be used to protect players from hazards on spawn and also to deny rewiring
Added hotfix for vote end issues making it act like previous logic
Clients have fixed clientside vote logic
Heal and revive commands now strip negative status effects, alongside optionally having a percentage of spawn protection to shield the target
Improved hit scan projectile syncing (revolver-type weapons) to remove (or mostly remove) weapons being silent for other clients.
The saving of help comments can now be toggled off
Mod no longer crashes on start if the NilMod folder is missing or griefwatcher.xml is missing
"VulnerableToEMP" flag added in early for any component of type Powered (power containers / LightComponents / PowerTransfer etc)
Released hotfix for Priorty job assignment client permission failing to assign any job (Crashing the server).

Updated nilmod to!
Included a number of improvements from the next version:
Fixed console command issues for client users
Greatly improved game analytics bug finding (You won't notice this, but it helps the devs a lot)
ragdoll optimizations, level optimizations
Extra error information for OpenAL errors

Included missing textures
replaced incorrect RestSharp.dll

Fixed players falling through the floor/walls if their limbs had temporarilly flown too far away (Ragdolling/impacts/high force stuns and such)
Client users of the mod may now see the vote counts for submarines they do not have downloaded locally.
Fixed odd respawn logic if player host was using ingameinfo to revive himself

Minor priorityjob assignment fix (Hopefully this will stop 2 captains/4 security etc being created)
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