Re: [] Barotrauma Client/Server Modification (v 15/08/2018-2)

For everyone reporting errors in the meantime, I recommend trying it once more as the game has received an update.

dollosarasbas wrote:
Wed Nov 28, 2018 3:48 am
I'm so far getting confused to get the entirety of the files for this mod so I'm going to need assistance on how to work this out, thank you!
Summary, I'm somehow confused on how to configure this correctly.
The first post in this topic, created by Nilanth (creator of Nilmod), contains instructions in how to setup the mod. The basics of these instructions haven't changed over time. Once downloaded, all you have to do is unzip and copy paste the unzipped files in the game directory. Start the 'Barotrauma NilEdit.exe' once, close the game and configurate the files in 'Data\NilMod' to your needs. Let me know if you need more help.

Temporary version of Nilmod updated and compatible with current game version
This Nilmod version is currently in use at BT Public #1 and BT Public #2.

Download: Temporary version - v0.8.2.3 ServerMod Patch 13122018 - Barotrauma Server 24/7 - BT Public 24/7 - Join and play!

Re: [] Barotrauma Client/Server Modification (v 15/08/2018-2)

I will not exactly be updating the mod but having to re-create it for the new barotrauma that would go onto steam (0.9 onwards).
I've been hosting the closed alpha and helping report bugs with that for now.

Updating the mod is not so simple given the scope of changes involved from 0.8 versions to 0.9 versions.

0.9 would offer various features I imagine however which 0.8 never had, so its better to wait for its release before getting started - closed alpha changes too much for now.
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