Custom Barotrauma Monster(s) [includes shrek] [MOD]

Okay, so i created this ugly creature in Barotrauma, and i decided to make this a mod/custom thing and post it on here.
oh and, its based off the mantis and i just slapped my face all over it and its blocky and REALLY disturbing. It has a swim speed of 20+ and walkspeed of 1 or 2..
Edited it slightly, and i might make a tigerthresher version.

This is what it looks like. Pretty ugly..
Just made it for laughs and giggles. Stay tuned if i'm not lazy from school. I'll create more...probably anyway.
I'll set a download link... right below here! vvv tutorial.txt inside you can read it where to put it.
remember to put it into barotrauma > content > characters

Update. 29/11/2017. Shrek monster.
I am begging you to kill it with fire. It is in the changelog/updates. it plays allstar and stuff. havent tested it but ignore the errors if you get some.
i regret making it.

changelog/updates DEMONSTRATION VIDEO OF VERSION 1.01 (very buggy right now)

discord: dragz4life#8331
im in toxic's submarine discord and captain cock's discord. you can contact me there too

i guess i made barotrauma alot scarier for others hahahahah
btw it goes so fast in swimming it looks like its teleporting..