[] Replacement LOS Shader

This is a replacement LOS shader for barotrauma. It makes it so everything out of view is black.
simply extract and drop the losshader.xnb and losshader_opengl.xnb into the Content folder to install.

As a note this should work perfectly fine for other content mods, such as BTE and sputnikbarotrauma - just add it to the same place

This works perfectly fine in multiplayer and will not change the MD5 hash, however it is client side, this has no effect on dedicated servers and only effects listen servers local character.

Before downloading and installing this make sure to backup your existing shaders that it replaces!
(Content folder - losshader.xnb and losshader_opengl.xnb)

Download link ( and likely above and below) https://www.dropbox.com/s/glfecj42v23zl ... d.rar?dl=0
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