[] The Starshatter - Future submarine with shield

The future is here.

Scientists have succeeded in developing technologies that convert energy into protective measures.

In the early days, it was designed to completely enclose the ship, but the crew and shells did not pass through the shield, so it was converted into a net form. (It is not glass!)

The net-shaped shield almost completely defends the hull from damage by terrain collisions or giant monsters. Only shock due to inertia is transmitted.

However, keep in mind that small monsters can come in through the shield, and if the shell hits the shield, the shell is blocked by the shield.

As defense has increased, the need for a sturdy hull has been reduced. So scientists decided to replace the hull with shield. As a result, all hulls except doors have been replaced by shields! So you have a very good view of the surroundings. (Again, not glass.)

Even shields can be repaired with welders.

Do not worry if the shield that makes up hull is destroyed. A primitive folding physical hull will unfold and protect you. (Except ballast and air lock.)

Thanks to the lightness of the hull, the speed has risen dramatically. It is more than 90 kilometers per hour.

Do not worry about the crash! You have the shield. (But be careful of cargo explosion.)

Other features include 5-second automatic doors, air locks (including thermal artifacts) to store all kinds of artifacts, and flood alarms.

This ship is a prototype, so please give me your feedback.


Vertical hatch was removed since it was annoying.

The lower ladder was replaced by a stair.

The folding hull (door and hatch) was made to look transparent when folded(Opened).

A small airlock was installed at the door to the ballast to prevent water from the ballast.

By dividing airlock, the ship sinking issue that occur when you open the door to the outside or intentionally fill the airlock with water has been solved.

Adding a small wall between the side folding hull and the wall, so that problems trapped between wall and folding hull has been solved temporarily.


Fixed an error where there was no gap in the vertical path.

Fixed an issue where monsters could be trapped at the airlock exit.

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Re: [] The Starshatter - Future submarine with shield

rico6822 wrote:Good, but won't we need background connections with the main submarine to make it look more logical?
Did you not read the description? Its supposed to be the "forcefield" so connections are unnecessary.

I'd advise to replace glass pieces with hull pieces though: they look more forcefield-ish and they don't break (although adding them would require some minor ballast balancing). You can also make pieces smaller, e.g. 1x1 instead of 3x3 glass.

Another advice is purely cosmetic - to make hatches and doors invisible when open - in sub editor you can edit sprite color, change it to black and alpha channel to 0 to get rid of the door frame, only the door itself will remain visible. Right now hatches are cluttering the floors and ceilings and even overlap which is really annoying.

Airlock is so huge that opening/breaking/flooding it causes sub to sink.

When glass got broken in railgun room got broken one of the ai-controlled crew got stuck outside, between the closed door and the broken wall. I propose to move the doors/hatches inside the wall where people won't be able to go and get stuck.
Something like this (left is yours, right is what I propose) :
Overall nice sub, two engines give it a really nice speed, in singleplayer half my team died from impact when I intentionally rammed into a wall at 95 km/h yet sub suffered no damage thanks to bumpers being far away. It moves vertically much slower though and due glass chunks aka forcefield restricting its movement it cannot evade monsters well in tight spaces. E.g. when I playtested it I couldn't evade a mantis while descending in a corridor and it swam at the ship and destroyed the airlock door causing sub to sink.

Re: [] The Starshatter - Future submarine with shield


Thanks! your advice is very helpful.

I accepted your advice and made some improvements. However, replacing the surrounding shield with hull failed because of an error message.

Putting the door between the walls is a good idea, but I thought that it would require a lot of modifications to the object placement and wiring, so I took some other steps.

If I make the next ship, I would also like to try your opinion.

Detailed changes are listed in the main thread.

Thank you for your test and feedback.


This ship is made of my imagination. It's a little different from the original barotrauma ship. I would appreciate it if you enjoyed it just for fun!