[] Leviathan [Miscellaneous Update]

"This armored submarine was designed to withstand long missions and come back to port still operational. The shape of this sub was inspired by Dunkleosteus"

This is the first submarine i have ever made. While making this sub I focused on durability and safety during longer missions.


-Non-exploding reactor. It is supposed to be set on 10k at all times.
-Locked wiring. Nobody can open wiring for anything.
-Armored exterior hull. Smaller creatures pose almost no threat for this sub.
-5 railguns. Every area that has less or no armor is guarded by railgun. [New] Now gunnery is organised and every controler has arrows showing which railgun they operate! Shell racks are also more organised. Also added spotlights to railguns since outside lamps are greatly weakened
-Cargo/artifact locker next to airlock. It's pump is set to 10% so it will be full of water for safety, but this setting can be changed.
-Clown suit.
-Doors next to windows in front of the sub. If glass is broken all you need to do is press the button to stop the flood!
-Flare. Now you can send flare to distract creatures of Europa! After detachment it will arm itself with 5 compound N detonators capable of killing tiger thresher. Detonators are not detachable so griefers can't use them in submarine!
-[New] Updated airlock mechanism. Now simple breach won't disable it and prevent repairs.
-[New] Added automatic shutter option for windows. When enabled window's shutter will close when water get in preventing flood without having to close shutter manually.
-[New] Many wiring tweaks and fixes!
-[New] Few hull tweaks and other changes to submarine

Weak points

-3 windows. If breached they will allow water to flood important points of the sub. (Now frontal windows have security measures so the only window that is dangerous is the horizontal one near the reactor)
-Blind spots on top, bottom and front of the sub. If you are fighting monsters you gotta manouver and let armor take damage while doing it.

[New] Weakened outside lamps to optimalise performance
[New] Added a door to ballast in place of a window
[New] Added hatches to security area
[New] Upgraded diving suit cabinet above airlock
[New] Added few hidden secrets and toys!

I will try to fix every bug I encounter and upgrade sub's mechanisms in the future.
It may be laggy for people with weaker computers! This sub is big and have many anti-grief measures, which can cause some laggs.
Hope You like it! :P
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Re: [] Leviathan

Hi Rico,

I have tested the Leviathan and I'm surprised how well it ran even though it's quite big :D
As I haven't found any problems, I want to give it a test at the servers.

Apart from that, I like the way it looks and that everything works (as tested so far). It's also quite manoeuvrable.

The Leviathan will be added and tested once BT#1 and #2 have been updated to game version :)
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Re: [] Leviathan

Rico wrote:I am glad that you like it and thank you for including it on your servers, even if only for tests :P
No problem Rico, the servers have been updated and this has been announced publicly last night.
As there are multiple new submarines possibly awaiting to be added soon, they will be added at a specific single time.

Once, this has happened, it will be mentioned in the Discord.
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