[REL] The Bunker, Horror Map

The Bunker, a horror map
(This map requires 1-3 players, either 1 or 2 players, and 1 operator.)

You and your friend decide you want to head to the beach, you got nothing to do other than play Barotrauma or look at that Si-Fi Wiki. And besides you want to chill in the water and sand.
When you pull up you get your towels and set them out on the sand, but a bit farther ahead you notice a shed made of metal. Your friend approaches it to see a button attached to a glass metal door. He presses it. Only to see inside a four batteries, two flashlights, and a dirty badge....?
Where will the badge lead you?
Will this be a adventure of fun?
Or Horror?

Map Download: Pictures:
Warning, if you don't want spoilers to the map, don't look at these!
Full Map View
Entrance to :REDACTED:
Elevator. Going down?
Elevator down, taking emergancy route.
Whats an SCP? :173:
Old map look
Also, in order to play the map you need this mod:
https://undertowgames.com/forum/viewtop ... =20&t=9815
The Church of Peanut, killing one heretic at a time!