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Updated to 0.7.0, we now have two battery charging docks onboard.
HOUNDOFGROZNY wrote:An actual guide would be great.
LordDoggo wrote:could we create the English version and post it herewith your permission?
Took my time, OP-post now includes a quick how-to. Happy hunting!
Regarding making changes to this sub - do whatever you like, just make sure to name it differently so it doesnt overlap with original one.
As for dedicated server, neither my potato computational device or abysmal ping to the civilized world would help in keeping it up and running. Perhaps someone else interested enough may help.

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Aight people, we've got a major alpha update.

Sub rebuilt from scratch using new sprites

Approximate list of changes, compared to the legacy one (S in Type VIIS stands for 'Shell', that's what they call this new smooth, paper-thin hull):
— Scale: Legacy version is actually ~1.3:1, off-scale by quite alot, being some 90 or something meters long. This new doll is actually 1:1, being 67m (compared to ~68m IRL length). Everything else is scaled accordingly, though this version is obviously even less-a replica than the legacy one, in terms of visuals.
Buttonless doors: this is a major one. Sure, you can click a door and it opens w/that fancy progress bar (even the main airlock is manual), but... First of all, you cant load a save for now (till they fix what's described next). If you do, your doors & hatches will revert to requiring crowbars to force them open. Same thing happens if you open & save the sub in editor. Therefore, if you're to make any changes to this sub, you wanna load (or reload) it till you see the 'crowbar' word on every door/hatch. Then remove it by hand & save. Either this, or wire em up (if you can find space for buttons kekeke)
— 'Torpedo' firing mechanic rebuilt: firing controls & periscopes are moved to conning tower, bow/stern torpedo tubes require manual loading & 'arming' to actually be fired, salvo/auto firing modes.
— Switchboard simplified: some functions like malf. indicator and reactor-to-powergrid removed.
— Reactor: if you want the reactor to juice the sub you've got to connect it to powergrid first. This is achieved by pressing two buttons on reactor panel in quick succession. It is faulty though, so you may have to do it a couple times for it to connect (steady blue lights indicate it's in). Dont forget you can try and unplug it for some reason.
— Engine control station changes: all in all, its similar to legacy, although you now have an engine capacitor. You can tweak it's recharge speed to a specific grid load level, the circuit-frying stops are gone aswell. Don't leave it dry & running though — that's literally wasting energy.
— Pumps: legacy had many pumps all around the sub, now we've only got a few. To actually drain a flooded compartment you may have to locate a suitable pump first, and open some hatches/ducts to bilge it. The're s plenty of crowbars around specifically for this sort of tasks.
— Ballast changes: again, similar to legacy, though there's a new function of opening kingstone valves for bow/stern ballast tanks. This fills 'em up lightning fast, so be careful. The middle button is a lock you have to toggle before you'll be able to open the valves, so to avoid accidentos.
— Deck guns: instead of a rail, it's a coilgun now. This is basically an automatic flak cannon - i.e. it werfs dakka, fast. There's plenty of it in both the deck' ammo storage & the arsenal compartment.
— Since fire controls are moved to conning tower, diving suit storage has been moved fore: just under the bow torpedo loaders.
— Something else

Imma do some test runs n polish it, a couple minor updates are to be expected. The manual is to be updated this week-ish.
As always, share any peculiarities you may find & bring your trip reports.
Happy hunting!

Updated DL link & OP
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