[REL] [] Aegir Mark III

Some minor edits to the Aegir, probably unnecessary for most players. There's an underbelly turret, which I added because during playthroughs with my friends the biggest issue we had with the Aegir was creatures tearing through the ballast tanks and eventually into the ship. The vent in the medical room is fixed [Yay, no more rushing to the worst location in the ship for refuge and dying, or having creatures one shot it and make it flood forcing you to cut through walls to fix it if you lack medical personnel] I also removed the main staircase and added a ladder & platform system with a hatch so then if the main hall gets punctured from the thin roof or below over half the ship doesn't turn into a ballast tank. Feel free to alert me to errors, I'll do my best to fix em.

-Image here V
-Download here V

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l1i0FE ... sp=sharing

So yeah, if you for some reason decide you like this version feel free to use it. I'll probably update it accordingly to try and patch it up, I mean you can only update the Aegir so many times. :doubt: