[REL] ECF Canorus (Shuttle) - Update in Process

※ This Custom Submarine Released on Vanilla & Barotrauma Extended 4.2

Preview for Vanilla (Original)
Download : https://mega.nz/#!FSBQGLaA!2k52-S6rYX0w ... yaxmeJB_yE

Preview for BTE
General Characteristics

Type :
Multi-Purpose Heavy Shuttle

Displacement Volume :
284160 (Only Ballast Tank)
1321216 (Whole Ship)

Power Propulsion :
1 Standard Nuclear Reactor (Average Output 3000 kW, Max 4000 kW)
3 Modified Engine Powering Battery (9000 kW for Sub Engine, 6000 kW for Main Engine)
2 Standard Battery (2000 Kw Each)

Speed :
Main Engine + Sub Engine
Average 32 Knot (60km/h)
Max 38 Knot (70km/h, Forecast Value)

Main Engine Only
Average 11 Knot (20km/h)
Max 14 Knot (27km/h)

Descenting, Use Ballast Only
Max 23 Knot (43km/h)

Ascending, Use Ballast Only
Max 29 Knot (54km/h)

Additional Armor :
Bottom Bumper (Engine and Reactor Cover)

Sensors and Processing Systems :
1 Standard Sonar (Panic Room)
1 Navigation Sonar (Command)
2 Standard Surveillance Camera (Depth Charge Station, Stern Observation)

Armament :
8 Depth Chrage Tubes (Foward Bottom Deck)
8 Depth Charge (Loader in Ballast Tank)
2 Railgun Station
12 Standard Railgun Shell /w IC4 Charge
There is quite difference Between Orignial and BTE. like Ship's Supplies and Ammunition. even speed. (I tested as original only)
Fast, and Heavily-armed Medium Shuttle. Based on Old Colonial Corvette. nowadays, New Europa Colonial Fleet use this ship to Urgent Reinforcement Dispatch or Force Reconnaissance Mission. Big size could be pressure to other, but provide more protection, even power generator and more electric control system. with those powerful performance, Canorus will be breakthrough in your situation.
This is my First Custom-made Ship and also first thread in forum. Regular default shuttle (Nibbler and Blind Crab) has major problem such as don't have any weapon to protect ship and crew. and not easy to docking or leaving the ship. especially when you respawned, these problems made negetive synergy that make more game harder. It could be challenging but even more there is time limit. Woah, I Just don't handle (or want) that situation anymore, So I decided to made my own ship.

When I making this ship I try to perfect design (which just more looks cool and practical) but there was some issue that i can't fix, like Engineering keep making noise some water leaking inside of ship but there is no visual, and just small thing, Reactor Access Door Automatically close when water detector activated. but It doesn't open again. (Sorry for laziness)

Anyway, I hope enjoy this ship, If there is improvement, please let me know. thanks.
P.S. You Should Close Ballast Tank (under the command) First before turn on the pump. and then Ship moves.
P.S. Docking Bay don't open If there is water. when you try to enter the ship, just wait to water goes out. (of course if ship sinked, you're :REDACTED: )
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Re: [REL] ECF Canorus (Shuttle)

You must know, that people in this game are patient rapid button pressers (known as griefers). You created a shuttle, that can lose a lot of it's potential in one button.

Ballast room can make a flood in other parts of ship and it adds and removes water 3 times slower, than usual (only one pump).

Depth charges loses it's entire ammo in just one shot on default full load. You could put in there a railgun in exchange, as under flood submarine cannot move and target enemies..

Windows are making the situation worse in cases of being at depth below 1600. Windows are breaking. With no windows submarine would take damage at 2000 meters or below.

Good, it has 2 docking hatches.

Very well, that it has some balanced starting equipment.

This shuttle is abnormally large by shuttles standards. Below there are two links to Armed Evasions I made. They prove, that it is possible to fight monsters using a lot of medicine. Since it is considered a special force, it explains it's weird, but logical settlement.

https://undertowgames.com/forum/viewtop ... =22&t=7877

https://undertowgames.com/forum/viewtop ... 20#p118620

I hope, that I could help. Have a good time.
If polish players can play barotrauma and barotrauma takes place in space, than Poland can into space.