Europa Construction Company Submarines

Welcome to the Jalapeno's Europa Construction Company's forum page!

We are a extremely lazy company that starts many projects and completes them very slowly or just plain abandons them. Currently, we have only one submarine out for use, but we have many more, as we said earlier, being constructed! They will be posted here.

SSN Fat Boy - To be Revamped

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The SSN Fat Boy is a rather large submarine. It boasts 6 railguns, 4 depth charges, 4 shuttles (Two escape pods, two utility shuttles), 2 commands (In case one command gets flooded), 1 artifact holder, security cameras (accessible by the security room), and has a full heavy armor outer shell. Even if a few rooms are flooded, it can still move, and the reactor is in the middle so nothing will likely get to it. The ballast is segmented into pieces to prevent them from fully flooding. It has 2 small pump ballasts and 4 large pump ballasts. It has two airlocks, as well as three more if you consider inside the shuttles airlocks, and if all shuttles are released, it has a total of six airlocks. It has emergency power in the case the reactor no longer works, junction boxes are all in one room, The engines can be changed to battery power, and there are a few emergency engines if you need a bit of extra speed. The shuttles are:

The 'Angry Boy' Shuttle, which is armed with depth charges intended to bomb enemy submarines, it is located at the bottom airlock.

The 'Tall Boy' Shuttle, which is armed with a railgun and is intended as an escape shuttle, it is located in the cargo bay at the back of the ship.

The 'Tiny Boy' Shuttle, which is armed with a railgun and intended to bring its occupants to alien ruins, it is located at the top of the ship.

The 'Shy Boy' Shuttle, which is not armed and is the captains escape pod, however it has a tendency to get damaged. It is located between the two command stations.

Also, the ship carries Calyx eggs, which are only accessible if the captain AND the medical doctor presses the buttons. The ship also carries some c-4 for use with railguns, and has a cramped jail cell for rebellious crew members. Some segments of the sub have a mini airlock, designed to allow access to flooded segments without flooding another room.

STNR-MP Jalapeno's Revenge - To be Released, cannot be due to game bug.

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The STNR-MP Jalapeno's Revenge is a large submarine, even bigger than the SSN Fat Boy. It features a double layered hull, making it nigh invincible to creatures like the Crawler, Mantis, or Tiger Thresher.


This submarine features a double layered heavy hull, which is extremely powerful, stopping any mantis, crawler, or tiger thresher from getting through it. (Considered overpowered by many) There is a back entrance which is a rather large hole, which a mantis or crawler could easily get into. However, most of the hole is blocked off by a 'net' of blocks. The end of the hole behind the next leads to the core of the submarine, though from testing, it seems nothing gets in there.

The whole interior of the submarine has heavy walls inside.


The weaponry aboard consists of 9 railguns and 2 depth charges. Each railgun is powered by 3 supercapacitators, and cover most of the submarines exterior. The railguns are controlled through the two railgun rooms, containing a large amount of shells and C-4. The railguns closest to the multiple command rooms aboard can be controlled by railgun controllers in there corresponding commands.

The depth charges can be controlled from the depth charge room in the top left of the submarine. The tubes are located almost right under the depth charge room, and have a camera so you can see whats happening around the tubes.


The submarine is powered by two reactors, with one powering necessary functions of the submarine and the other powering the unnecessary. Instead of having junction boxes scattered throughout the submarine, they are located in a single room right beside engineering. The submarine also has an emergency power mode powered by rechargeable batteries, and a silent mode which acts as an emergency power mode but disables exterior lights and the reactors.

Rooms & Shuttles

The STNR-MP Jalapeno's Revenge has one depth charge room, two railgun rooms, one secure storage, one storage, three commands, 1 engineering bunk room, 1 general bunk room, 1 security bunk room, 1 medical room, a junction box room, five ballasts, six airlocks, a cafeteria, and a few other rooms I do not care to mention.

It has two shuttles, the ES Colombus, an exploration shuttle that functions as an escape shuttle, and the Engineers Repair Shuttle, a shuttle solely for repairing the exterior of the submarine, but can function as an escape shuttle as well.

Special Features

The submarine features interior cameras for security to watch things in important areas, as well as exterior cameras for engineering to check on the exterior hull. There is also anti-water doors on the reactors, which shut when water enters the reactor room, draining the water to a small tank underneath.

SN-MP Fractal Guardian - WIP

Rocket Submarine - WIP, unlikely to be finished, needs a rename

Luxury Liner - WIP, needs a rename

Arena - Solely an idea at the moment.