[Version] Vellamo Rep+ The Blind Carp Rep- Submarines


Download link for Vellamo Rep: https://jumpshare.com/v/iu0qgI4HwnOYuhD4TM0p

Download link for The Blind Carp Rep: https://jumpshare.com/v/TiYAerFcHTOkiCkHnDCS


*All batteries and supercapacitors are set to 100% charging from 0%.

*Added 4 status monitors in:Engine room, nuclear generator's room, main quarters and medical bay.

*Added battery recharge dock in the engine room.

*Added sonar monitor near top railgun controller.

*All ballast pumps are set to 0% pumping speed from 100%.

*Rest of the pumps (except of main airlock's pump) are set to -100% pumping speed from 0% and gets activated by water detectors connected to them.

*Added 10 diving suits scattered around the submarine.

*All diving suits are having oxygen tanks attached to them.

*Added one more harpoon gun in security quarter.

*Default harpoon gun in security room has now 5 spears loaded in instead of 4.

*All cabins in the submarines have edited content.

*Cabin in the command has changed location closer to the stairs.

*Near railgun loaders 6 shells are on the ground for each one.

*All railgun loaders have 6 railgun shells loaded.

*Created room for "com" ID access, where 3 nukes (one for depth charge) are stocked.

*Changed harpoon gun's spawn point in command to upper level.

*Changed clown's suit spawn location from ballast to prison cell.

*Windows are replaced with walls and cellings.

*Hulls were edited.

*A.I. characters waypoints are extended: Characters will swim closer to the main submarine, they can reach the end of all rooms now and they can skip The Blind Carp Rep when it is docking or other not blocking waypoints submarine.

*Docking port has opening button outside the submarine.

*The Blind Carp Rep has been attached as a shuttle to the dock.


*Both batteries are set to 100% charging instead of 0% and have 5000 maximum and starting energy instead 4000.

*Added "Charging" button (turned ON by default).

*Added "Electricity" button (turned OFF by default).

*Changed docking's button location closer to the navigation terminal.

*Small pump inside the main room is set to -100% pumping speed instead of 0% and is activated when water detector receives signal.

*Waypoints are reaching both ends of the inside part of the ship now.

*Removed both cameras.

*Lowered one background element above the ship, previously inhabited by the camera.

*Added steel cabin and toxic cabin.

*Outside both cabins close to the navigation terminal 4 diving suits filled with oxygen tanks and underwater scooters powered with battery cells are spawned.

*Diving suits and underwater scooters synchronizes their spawned amount in the airlock, if The Blind Carp Rep is used as respawn shuttle. This means they don't spawn near navigation terminal.

Both submarines made by Regalis.

Remastered by rico682 (a.k.a Redeloper or rico6822).

Copyright goes to Regalis.
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