[Version] Armed Evasion- Rescue Squad Mod- A mod for Armed Evasion


Download:https: https://jumpshare.com/v/GAnbf5NYRwMsMGBKSyd0

Upgraded version of Armed Evasion.


*Added 5 docking bays and option to give power to docking submarines.

*Added 4 malfunction prevention batteries.

*Added relay components.

*Only spawned crew member's submarine key cards can operate buttons.

*Changed 2 handheld sonars to orange and blue wire.

*Replaced half of Morbusines with Chloral Hydrates.

Copyright goes to rico6822 (a.k.a Redeloper or rico682) the same person, who created Armed Evasion.

Visit Armed Evasion here: https://undertowgames.com/forum/viewtop ... =22&t=7877


31 January 2018 4:41-PM Power sending button controls 3 relay components now and all relay components are disabled by default.

3 February 2018 10:51-AM Strong Update: Added batteries, more components and not all of them are turned off by default. Partly fixed fire starting during malfunctions suffering. Malfunctions will be suffered now, even when docking to another submarine, because it makes it less harder for second submarine to move. Added background for outside parts of docks. Edited in-game description. Edited maximum power send to other submarines from 3000kW to 8000kW.
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