[Version] The Cooked Carp- Submarine


Download: https://jumpshare.com/v/FW7H0aA3fBVJ90TLia2o

The Cooked Carp is a slightly upgraded version of The Blind Carp. Now the players with the help of their own nuclear generator can play in single player mode using this submarine for unlimited spendable energy. Players must remember, that generator is under water all the time and it's performance without maintenance is relatively very low. To solve this, submarine must land somewhere where it will not crush easily and someone must manually increase fission rate on the generator's maintenance panel and keep it somewhere at 1000kW for some time.

Remember that this submarine was made for gameplay's extension mostly. The point is that player must sometimes go outside in need of power and increase fission rate for some time.

Except of that few other influential changes were made.

List of all the changes:

*Increased submarine's sizes.

*Given some background under submarine.

*Added Nuclear Generator below submarine.

*Added Junction box for power output from generator.

*Rewired a neutral small pump in the main room for automatical activation as serve of water removing.

*Edited background near navigation terminal across the airlock.

*Set both batteries to 100% charging.

*Set both small pumps outside the ballast to -100%

*Added water detector and signal check component for pump rewiring purposes.

*Edited ship's hulls.

*Added one gap.

*Removed LOCKED access panel condition from all devices, which had it and replaced it with either "Screwdriver" or "Screwdriver,Wire".

*Extended waypoints connections and amount.

Submarine made by Regalis.

Remastered by rico6822 (a.k.a as rico682 and Redeloper).

Copyright goes to Regalis.
If polish players can play barotrauma and barotrauma takes place in space, than Poland can into space.