[] Tram R- Both shuttle and inside ship transporter

Download: https://jumpshare.com/v/TeGgooKJQQPhFQvtBLJi


Fellow creator Insert Tram R inside of the area of your submarine without hulls and let people travel faster and safer from one room to another, docking is very easy.

I recommend you to insert 2 Tram R's one from first side and another one from another side of the ship, so from both sides traveling can be preformed.


*Very fast moving.
*Can have power switched.
*Base devices are immune to rewire or detach.
*Can be used to let only elite submarine members like captain reach places exceptionally only for them and their guards.
*Removes water very fast in case of flood.
*Most effective when submarine it is traveling in is not moving.
*Good to escape from griefers.

*Has trouble with restoring power if it's turned ON.
*Needs experienced driver, who will not object with this shuttle for too fast and will remember to turn power OFF.
*Crew may suffocate if more than 5 people are travelling.
*Very short time malfunction when steering.
*When used, people left behind may have trouble traveling.

Credits goes to rico682 (a.k.a. rico6822 or Redeloper)

It is not copyrighted and you don't have to mention rico682 as creator.
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