[BTE 6.0] Captain's Nest

Captain's Nest is built to protect the Captain anyway possible.It's armed with 4 Railguns with searchlights,1 Depth Charge Deployer,1 Mine Layer and 2 Security Rooms that's filled with weapons.There are rules too.Like,if you smoke near the Nuclear Reactor,you'll have to pay 2 A's [Money].And Fully Loaded (My first submarine)is dead.Im not gonna update it.Because it has some wiring problems.But this submarine will be updated.Hope you like it.

New Update!
In this update,i just focused on thing that i forgot to add:
Added Labels
Red lights have more range
Now ID CARD levels exist.(Old version:Even Engineers could get into Command station,Now they cant)
Hope you enjoyed!

Download Link(Copy Paste it):https://www.dropbox.com/s/tdchuptt3fj9k ... 0.sub?dl=0

BTE 6.0 (i dont own it):https://www.dropbox.com/s/2lnv07irq3dfc ... 0.rar?dl=0

Re: [BTE 6.0] Captain's Nest

Mistakes you made and issues:

*Only one pump in ballast is active manually. The rest of two are turned off.

*Set_state connected to set_state does not make forceful activation. State_out to set_state however does.

*Pumps in corridors are turned off by default.

*OMG listen. Velocity_y_out is for sending out signals to tell submarine how quick it has to descend or ascend, not power. Check out Aegir Mark III's wiring paths of navigation terminal. It's almost the same as command terminal from BTE.

*Backup batteries have no power_out wired to anything to release kW's they stored.

*Some pumps don't work at all. Power_in is for receiving power from somewhere and power_out is giving it to something else.

*Emergency light outside submarine doesn't work at all. State_out of relay component should go to set_state of emergency light.

*OMG listen. The junction box wired to reactor is wired to a relay component, not another junction box. Relay component is set in editor to default amount of 1000 kW energy delivery at once, at more it breaks. When pressing E on relay component in editor there is a black box at the top of screen displaying. Scroll it and you will see maximum bearable energy being set to 1000.

*There are probably more issues, but i'm too lazy to seek them.

My rating: 0,5/10

You submarine can work after starting the game as it is, but it has to be entirely rewired to make it work well making it nearly unplayable, since every round would start with a need to change the wiring structure of you submarine.

Before you make a large submarine like this watch how vanilla submarines are made, read description of components, make your own experiments and start from making a primitive shuttle (primitive) in it's wiring complexity. That is good for beginners.
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