[] The Investor

Download: https://jumpshare.com/v/iFRBnHo7W7DmspWmuXqK

Dimensions: 12x9 m

Recommended crew size: 1-3

Recommended crew experience: Intermediate

Compatible content packages: Vanilla 0.8

A vanilla version of The Investor.

Develeoper's Updates:
8:16-PM of England's time- Changed generated amount of oxygen by oxygen generator from 100 to 250.

Copyright goes to rico6822 (a.k.a. rico682, Redeloper). Publishing or sharing modded version of this submarine without getting rico6822's permission for it may end up badly. You may use on you server this submarine as your main campaign vessel or respawn shuttle, but if it has to be a docking part of one of your or anyone else submarine project you have to mention rico6822 or his aliases somewhere (forum counts for it).
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