Discord Q&A on Friday Feb 22

Hello everyone! Join us on Friday February 22 at 10 PM UTC in the #baro-questionsandanswers channel of our Discord for one hour with Regalis and TorpedoMike!

Take a look at our blog for the latest news about alien ruins.

If there are any questions you know you will want to talk about, you can let us know in advance by replying to this thread. Advance questions will be fast-tracked (if they’re good). See you on Discord this Friday!
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Re: Discord Q&A on Friday Feb 22

Several questions for the crew:

In the recent blogpost, Broken legs are mentioned as a possible status effect. Is such an injury instantly curable via medical supplies, or only treatable and left to heal via time? What kind of negatives come with having broken limbs?

Could there be other illnesses related to alien creatures, similar to husk egg infections?

Is the mud raptor functionally identical to the mantis it replaced, or is its behavior new?

Is there any plan for upgraded diving suits (such as swim speed or damage reduction) either bought or created?

Has the reactor management system been changed? How so?

Could husk egg injections be used to revive recently killed crew members, as a horrible mad science experiment?

What is the coolest creature currently in the game and why is it the Charybdis?

Loving the way the game looks, keep up the good work!

Re: Discord Q&A on Friday Feb 22

Regarding the Medical System. Will thinks like "Psychosis" be visible always for the player aswell? In the video you showed that you will for example see fake fires. But then again you also see that you have a psychosis. Wouldnt it be then to easy for the player to ignore the fake fire? I mean i would say "Oh Fire" try to extinguish it once and then "Oh wait i got a psychosis lets void that fire" wouldnt it be better to let only medical crew see medical stuff?

Re: Discord Q&A on Friday Feb 22

I'll just toss in the quick few I can immediately think of though I feel maybe i'm a little late on this:

What are the plans for multiplayer campaign persistence? How characters/inventories are carried over or other such?

Will mod makers see old suggestions (IE. github) alongside new for XML functions, features and XML exposed values, even if the base content package/game does not directly implement/use them in the future?

Will the closed alpha testers be getting more frequent update pushes to help fix/diagonose what bugs may exist (Given the new server-separation merge)? (I feel most bugs in the prior version are fixed/reported short of AI issues in singleplayer.)

Will we have the ability (If we do not already) to spawn items from XML tags?

Is there a planned feature for corpse disposal? like shooting them out of railguns and depth charge launchers or cutting them up to hide evidence (They can often rack up in multiplayer pretty fast sometimes).

Are there any plans on derelict submarines as a potential spawn in maps?

For campaigns, will we also be able to sell, and not just buy items at a later date? (Given the addition of gathering resources at times and limited storage capacity of most submarines)

Is there any plans on expanding the scope or complexity of missions, such as optional objectives, or mixing mission types (Like an artifact from a monster loot)?

Are there any plans for traitors be getting an overhaul in their objectives?
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