*READ THIS* Rules and FAQ (valid from 6 May 2019)

Welcome to the Undertow Games official forums!

Please read these rules and abide by them.

New members (and old, too!): you can introduce yourselves in the Introduce yourself thread.

Those of you here for Barotrauma: you can read and share tips and stories in the Captain's Log.

We also have a Discord server, come say hi!

Reporting is the ultimate tool for getting anything out of place removed from the forums. If you see anything that shouldn’t be there, be it something offensive, flaming, spammy, illegal or otherwise inappropriate, please report the offending post to let moderators know. Please do not abuse the report function – moderators are people too.

1. Respect above all. Some messing around is fine, but don't be outright rude or harass fellow forum users.
2. Write (primarily) in English. While we welcome forum users from all around the world, we are not able to moderate non-English content reliably enough and reserve the right to delete non-English conversations as needed.
3. Stay on topic, post with common sense and use the subforum most relevant to your topic. Be sure to keep Barotrauma discussion to Barotrauma forums and SCP-CB discussion to SCP-CB forums.
4. Do not post NSFW (not safe for work), gory, distasteful, hateful, illegal or otherwise inappropriate content.
5. Do not impersonate other forum users to spread misinformation or create alternative user accounts to evade bans.
6. Do not pass on messages from users with long or permanent bans if the message has bad intentions or breaks any rules, as this will result in both parties getting the appropriate penalties.
7. No spamming or advertising. Something like "guys this game is so cool check it out" or "check out what i made" is fine; threads linking to external sites of no relevance, off-topic videos or anything of low discussion potential is not.
8. No animated signatures or images over 50kb. These will only clutter threads. Steam community signature bars are allowed.
9. Avoid necroposting! Start a new thread or find one that fits, unless it’s about a creation of yours (a mod, a sub, a development idea…).
10. Avoid double posting! Edit or reply to your posts if you want to add something, unless it’s of great importance. Use the search.
11. Avoid derailing topics! Discussion =/= banter.
12. Don't quote more than you have to. Quoting a 1000x1000 px image or a 100 lines long wall of text just to say "lol that's cool" is unnecessary.
13. Do not backseat moderate. Link a user to these rules and report posts as needed.

If you break these rules, moderators will apply appropriate penalties after warning you. If you believe you were banned/suspended wrongly, please PM Dynamoon or another moderator. Please do not do this just to get off the hook faster – this is a failsafe, not an override.

Necroposting: posting in a thread which has long not been posted in and is buried deep in the forums due to inactivity.
Derailing posts: posting content that is out of context for the purposes of the thread, excessively.
Spamming: repeatedly posting content, mostly of no use and out of context, in a chain-style manner.
Backseat moderating: constantly and excessively pointing out other users' wrongdoings, enough to break the flow of a thread.


For more details about Barotrauma, please visit the Barotrauma FAQ.

• I have an idea / a development suggestion.
We’re happy to hear them! We may not have the time to reply to each or use all the ideas we get, but we do read them regularly. You can use the respective Collaboration forums for such suggestions. The same forums work for pointing us to e.g. some music or other audio you think would work well, or graphic assets you want to contribute.

• I have a bug to report!
You can use the Collaboration forums for this as well, or for Barotrauma, please make an issue report on GitHub or leave a pot on the Technical support forums of our Steam Discussions.

• When is the next update for SCP – Containment Breach?
Undertow Games is no longer actively developing SCP-CB, but juanjp600 and CommanderMark are working on updates. You can see progress here: https://github.com/juanjp600/scpcb.

• Can I use material from SCP-CB in my game/comic/story/etc.?
Absolutely. The SCP Wiki and the game are under a creative commons license that allows anyone to reuse the material in any way as long as the terms of the license are followed.
Yours truly,
Barotrauma Community Liaison Officer