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I am RGames.
I am a person who likes doing internet stuff.
I am also currently working on a mod called :REDACTED:
Ha, just kidding. Its SCP: Keter Breach. I'll link it at the last part of this reply.
I watch youtube, play roblox, oh yea, and HATE ON THOSE STUPID F :REDACTED: KING SCP BRONIESSSSSSSSSSSS :096: :096: :096: :096: :096:
Thats it.
Hi. I am RGames. But you can call me :EXPUNGED:
Just kidding, call me RG.
I do stuff. I play mods, I make mods, yea yea yea.

:106: :096: :079: :049: :087: :035: :513:

Re: Introduce yourself thread

Lore introduction (How D-9341 would introduct himself):
Hello. My name is :EXPUNGED: . Or, as you call me, D-9341. After the containment breach at Site- :REDACTED: , i tried to escape the site. Failed countless times, but i learned countless lessons. My first attempt of escape was through Gate B, which only leaded me to de- :EXPUNGED: . My successfull attempts was through Gate A. On the first attempt, i forgot to contain 106, in which he tried to escape through this gate, but was stopped. While Franklin was busy dealing with him, i escaped through the tunnels, in which i met with the Chaos Insurgency. I was not happy in there, so i started all over again and contained the old man, thus, the foundation managed to capture me, giving me this title as an SCP and moving me to an new Site at Brazil, :REDACTED: , because of my abilities to :EXPUNGED: the timeline.
Futher information is not to be given.

Normal introduction:
Hi, my name is Victor, or SCP-9341-D, i live in South Brazil, city :REDACTED: (There are too many REDACTEDs in here ._.), and, i discovered SCP through Markiplier, Battleforge .Games (SCP-BFG-049) and TheBatesee. (SCP-B8_C-079) After that, i have been (a bit) active at the community. Currently, i'm following the NTF Mod's progression and giving sugestions and ideias.
If you read until here, thanks! :D
this is an signature you know?
yep a signature
didn't know that
me 2 m8

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Good afternoon my name is Andre, I have :REDACTED: years and I live in Peru, I currently study.
I really like SCP: CB so I register in this forum, my interests are SCP: CB, Portal, Half Life,
GTA San Andreas, SMBX, Clash Royale and do various projects :laugh: .

Anything, I'm good at making textures and audios.
Here is an example :wink: :
Assistant Whoopi Goldberg ( Investigate who she is)
Thank you very much for your time in reading my profile review ... well if you read it XD
GLaDOS: "Good-bye, my only friend."
Me: (gasp) :O
GLaDOS: "Oh, did you think I meant you?"
Me: ... :REDACTED: . T_T
... GLaDOS x SCP-079 :079_2:


Hello. In case you're wondering, my name used to be an inside joke I had with my friends about an infamous quote from Half-Life 2,
and somehow managed to become my nickname.

I learned about Undertow games from SCP:CB a few years ago, but I returned because of Byrotrauma. (Which was brought up to my attention by Cricken2)
So... yeah, that's pretty much it.

Re: Introduce yourself thread

I suppose this is the best place to start, so... Hello, my name (real name) is Alex, I'm from Spain and I'm a big fan of SCP foundation. I have been playing scp:cb since 2014 and I never get tired of do my best and die trying beat the game. I like also modeling things and probably in a future I'll contribute to the game with my models, if they let me xD

BTW: My fav scp is 049, I really love that thing :049: