Undertow Games Discord Chat --- Forum Chatroom and Baro stuff!

Since the old topic is kinda mixed with other stuff i decided to make another one.

Join in to the official Undertow Games Discord to talk with people from both the SCP:CB and Barotrauma communities. :)

We're around Discord most of the time so you can notify us of stuff there if needed!

Only rules are no NSFW, no spamming, and just be generally kind.

High security might be enabled, so keep that in mind. It might not let you talk for some time but it'll eventually give the permissions.

Here's the link:

roger copy bravo tango mango

Re: Undertow Games Discord Chat! --- Forum Chatroom

SCP-Draconist wrote:
Irontaco wrote:Only rules are no porno, no spamming, and not being an jerk.

Here's the link!
Oh that rule "not being a jerk" are really being lived up to... *coughcough*

My guess is the Discord got taken over by a bunch of trolls who think it's cool to be... internet trolls -.-
Just because a few others and I disagreed with what you said (which shortly after led into a discussion), doesn't make us internet trolls. Learn the difference, please.

Re: Undertow Games Discord Chat! --- Forum Chatroom

SCP-Draconist wrote:Yeah well, let's agree to disagree.

I still say part of you guys were very troll-like in the way you disagreed. Like this "awesomeguy" and juanjpro.

Not that i care much now anyway. Having seen how little people actually care about the game anymore anyway.
Joking around =/= trolling. They just disagreed with you while having some jokes, there's no reason to get this triggered.

Now since I don't think this conversation is really going to go anywhere, let's end this here.