Game is really difficult! Tips for Keter?

Just finished my first playthroughs of vanilla SCP:CB v1.3.11 and I gotta say... This game gets incredibly hard after LCZ.

I do like difficulty, but after a few runs I wonder if this is intended or am I doing something wrong?
It gets pretty ridiculous navigating the facility with MTF, 173, 049, 966 and 096 on your tail! 106 seems to be the only one we can contain.
Even with S-Nav Ultimate any door you open can result in instant kill with no reaction possible, unless I'm missing audio cues or other preparations...

So... A series of gameplay questions:
Q1) Is the following path correct and absolutely required to be able to reach either of the two gates?
        • Intro (Spawn 173) → LCZ → Surveillance Room (Spawn 049) → HCZ → Contain 008 → EZ (Spawn MTF) → Disable RDCs → Talk to 079 → Gate A/B.

Q2) There's absolutely no way to contain 173 in any containment chamber with any keycard, even with Remote Door Controls off?
        • Makes sense since he'd just destroy the door, guy needs blast doors, it's fine since he has pretty straightforward mechanics.

Q3) There's absolutely no way to contain 049 in any containment chamber with any keycard, even with Remote Door Controls off?
        • I know he won't open the keycarded door, but as soon as I move 4-5 rooms away, he despawns, and randomly spawns next to me soon after...

Q4) There's absolutely no way to contain 096 in any containment chamber with any keycard, even with Remote Door Controls off?
        • Not that I mind this as an enemy, it's a nice addition!

Q5) There's absolutely no way to contain 966, or are there just many around the facility starting on HCZ and onwards?
        • It seems like any door I close they stay there, but then I always seem to encounter them somewhere else.
        • The message/sound also doesn't appear after the initial encounter: after that I can open a door he's in and I'll get surprise-attacked soon, no warning!

Q6) There's absolutely no way to traverse a room an NTF is in, to know a NTF is in a room, or bait an NTF out of a room so you can go through it?
        • I see no indication an NTF is in a room before I open it and get shot dead immediately.
        • I can't bait NTFs out of rooms from 2 rooms away, they stay in position until I move to an adjacent room, where they open the door and kill me.
        • As per above, if I keep both doors open, I can see them "camp" the door exit of the room they're in, indefinitely - waiting for my inevitable demise.
        • If I just sit in the room they're moving towards instead, hiding crouching, they'll shoot me down a few seconds after entering the room.
        • If so, then I always need to find an alternate path, or at least get 4-5 rooms away before re-attempting; if I get sandwhiched, it's goodbye.

Q7) If you're injured and 049 is barely melee-range (with 714 protecting you), there's no way to escape him?
        • Speed is never enough to gain distance, but doesn't allow him to remove the jade ring, but you're stuck that way forever until you die/reload.

Q8) What more enemies does SCP-1499 work to get away from? I've only successfully used it to avoid 106 and 173.
        • Seems 049 just sits there waiting for you to remove the mask, not very effective... Is this intended? Didn't test with 96 / 966 / NTF.

Q9) In several playthroughs the stairway in 106's Containment Chamber resulted in clipping through the game world, is this the case for for everyone?
        • I believe I've had only one playthrough where that didn't happen, unsure what's different.

Q10) My last playthrough, SCP-500 wasn't spawned in 035 chamber's storage room, went down to Maintenance Tunnels and nothing, is this a bug?
        • Can the map seed dictate that I don't get any SCP-500 spawns or was this some kind of bug?

I've drafted a generic game plan that's probably stating-the-obvious, but are there any items or rooms I'm not exploring that are useful while griding a Keter run?
        1) Acquire L1 Keycard (Recursive Room/Office with the scripted 173 encounter),
        2) Acquire L2 Keycard from the Small Testing Room (with the scripted 173 encounter),
        3) Find SCP-914, quickly convert L2 into a L3 Keycard,
        4) Use L3 keycard to acquire the following around the LCZ:
                • S-Nav
                • Gas Mask
                • SCP-714 (to help against 049)
                • SCP-1499 (to help against 106)
                • Note on 372 (for the maintenance tunnels blast doors)
                • Paperclip
                • Severed Hand
                • First Aid Kit
        5) Head towards Storage Area 6 and acquire:
                • NV Goggles
                • Black Severed Hand
        7) Return to SCP-914 and with 1 conversion on Fine, acquire:
                • S-Nav Ultimate
                • Super Gas Mask
                • Green Goggles
        8) Head towards Surveillance Room to raise the lockdown,
        9) Head towards HCZ,

        10) Find 049's containment chamber, go through it's scripted events and exit on the other side with L4 Keycard,
        11) Find 106's containment chamber, go through it, contain it and leave with L5 Keycard, get rid of SCP-1499,
        12) Find 035's containment chamber, let him speak until we get the code for the storage, grab one SCP-500,
        14) Find 079's containment chamber, just take note of it's location,
        13) Find the Warhead Room, acquire Ballistic Vest,
        15) Return to LCZ,
        16) Return to SCP-914 and with 1 conversion on Fine, acquire:
                • SCP-427 (from SCP-500, for an infinite heal), get rid of First Aid Kit if not used yet,
                • Heavy Ballistic Vest
        17) Return to HCZ,
        18) Head towards EZ,

        19) Find Electrical Center and disable RDCs,
        20) Return to HCZ,
        21) Return to 079 and talk with him,
        22) Return to EZ,
        23) Return to Electrical Center and re-enable RDCs,
        24) Find Gate A or B, end the game.

To conclude, this is an AMAZING GAME! Love almost every inch of it, I... just... have... one... thing... to get out of my chest...

I hate SCP-049 with a passion, apparently he's a community favourite and he's all fine and dandy the first encounter, but then having to deal with him all over the facility at every turn, with more spawns than ANY other SCP by far ends up removing all fear/anxiety from the game and just leaves frustration and despair.