Re: FAQ, a list of frequently asked questions

Regalis wrote:
Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:41 pm
Can we get a [insert operating system here] version? - Unfortunately the game engine being used is windows only. Sorry no Mac or other OS versions will be created.
Quick tutorial for Linux users (works fine on Ubuntu 18.10 with latest version of game)

1. Downoad the game
2. Get Wine et get it for your system
3. Start wine for initial config. To do so, type in terminal

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wine notepad
4. Try launching the game. If it works, nice, if it doesn't, follow the following steps

If you are stuck on an error message saying "Memory Access Violation" at 40% of the game, and you have no intro before loading screen, here's a workaround :

1. Install Winetricks. For Ubuntu :

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sudo apt install winetricks
2. Select the line "Select the default wineprefix" and click "OK".
3. Select the line "Install a Windows DLL or componement" and click "OK".
4. Check "allcodecs" in the list and click "OK"
5. Install the codecs via their installators.
6. Lauch the game, it'll run fine.