Re: Strategies for SCP:CB that I must know?

Here's a collection of various tips I've picked up over time.

Major Importance: To get into the heavy containment zone, you must go into the Security Room to unlock the checkpoint (followed by escaping from SCP-049). The checkpoint itself requires a level 3 key card to open. To get into the entrance zone, you need to go to SCP-008's containment chamber in the HCZ and close it (Make sure to wear the hazmat suit, or you'll get infected), and a level 5 key card to open the checkpoint.

SCP-914 almost never will upgrade a Level 3 Keycard to a Level 4. This is to incentivize heading to the HCZ for a level 4, then heading back to 914 to upgrade that to a level 5.

If you get a level 5 Key card, always visit SCP-035 if you can find it. The storage locker connected to the control room will always have a pill of SCP-500, and the code is always 5731.

If you want to skip having to go through the maintenance tunnels, SCP-372's document has the code for the blast door that normally blocks your way. (It's randomly generated, though, so don't bother writing it down.) However, IIRC there is an SCP-500 pill somewhere in the maintenance tunnels, so make your own decision.

If you can't find the room with the closets where two guys get killed by 173, there's also a gas mask in SCP-1123's chamber, the outer room of which does not require a keycard to enter.

If you see SCP-106 coming out of the floor, try putting on SCP-1499 for around 10-30 seconds. From what I've seen, if you do it soon enough, 106 will not be there when you take it off.

While it's not a very likely risk, you may still want to visit SCP-895's chamber to disable the camera, so that SCP-079 can't broadcast it to an important monitor, such as the lockroom monitors.

The storage area where the SCP-939 roam contains a dark-skinned severed hand, which can be used on a door to bypass SCP-049's containment chamber.

If you have a spare radio, put one in on Very Fine. The beeping you hear can be decoded to reveal the code to Dr. Maynard's office in the Entrance Zone, saving you a trip to the Pocket Dimension.

  • Put the S-NAV Navigator on Very Fine
  • Put the radio on Fine
  • Put the Gas Mask on Fine or Very Fine(No difference)

If you hear a woman screaming, you're near to SCP-1499's chamber.

If SCP-106 comes through the walls of the Grated Hallway in the Heavy Containment Zone, run backwards to the previous room and duck to the side of the doorway. If you're quick, 106 won't spot you and will leave, avoiding a chase.

In the entrance zone, keep an eye out for security cameras on the ceiling. The Nine-Tailed-Fox will occasionally ask for a camera sweep, and if you're sighted, they'll probably head to your position.

Try to grab SCP-860 in the Light Containment Zone. There's a fairly good chance that at least one important room is blocked behind the wooden door.

SCP-173 does not move if you are looking at it, even if it is behind a wall. Walk backwards 1-2 rooms if fleeing from SCP-173, and you'll likely get enough distance it will lose interest in you. Remember, however, that it will likely reappear at some point.
I Survived SCP-106's Pocket Dimension And All I Got Was This Stupid ID Card