SCP:CB 100 map size, x2 SCP Challenge

Challenge Name:100 Map size 2X SCP

  • 1:Turn map size to 100 in Settings
  • 2:Aggressive NPCs on
  • 3:Teleport to each SCP CB chamber and spawn a second one of said SCP in that location, Then teleport back to the start
  • 1:Turn off save anywhere
  • 2:Stay Sane
  • 3:Record it
  • 1:Use of pocket dimention
  • 2:Playing in Ultimate Edition
  • 1:Use of SCP 1499 to escape SCPs
  • 2:Recontaining 106
Goal:None, Just beat the game any%

Alternate option:If you feel 100 map size is to much, You can do 75 map size or 66 map size

Ultimate edition recommended