SCP Suggestions General

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I think it would be best to keep all these SCP suggestions in one topic.

At the moment I'm just focusing on fixing the bugs, improving the map generator and technical stuff in general, but I'll be adding more SCPs later.

Here are my thoughts of some of the most frequently suggested SCPs:

Possible. It won't be put in as a free-roaming enemy like 173 or 106, because
1. It's so overpowered that a random Class D would have zero chance of surviving
2. It would have to be able to destroy the environment or it wouldn't even make it past the first door, and this would require a shitton of code, some physics engine and major changes to the map system

However, it could be added as a small event where it chases the player through some predetermined area with maybe some scripted map destruction.

Very likely to be added. It would work well with the eye mechanics, but it would also have to be put in some predetermined location for the same reasons as 682. The player would also have to be warned of its presence before revealing it.

Confirmed, the key is already done and the forest and the monster are being made. The player will have to use the key to get through some otherwise unopenable door, and make his way through the forest alive.

I'm not yet completely sure how the monster will be implemented and I'm open to suggestions. I've been thinking of showing the player tiny glimpses of it at the edge of the fog, gradually making the fog thicker and the monster come closer. If the player doesn't get out of the forest fast enough, it will attack and kill the player. However, gameplay-wise this wouldn't be a very interesting approach, you'd just have to run through the forest to survive...

No. As many of you have said, it deserves a game of its own. It would take a huge amount of work to implement it properly, and it would stray too far from the idea of SCP-CB

SCP-087 (or SCP-087-B)
No. It's not located at any of the SCP Facilities, there's no reason for the player to enter it, and there are already games about it.
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Re: SCP Suggestions General

Nick Wickstrom wrote:I haven't been on the SCP website in a while. My laptop won't let me. What is SCP-093?
Just look it up on the wiki. It's a red disk that has to be on a mirror. That's the explanation I'm giving.
Rather sugar-coated.
Heheh, you said a bad word.

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I liked the ending(s), but I feel like it lacks something. I wonder if it would be possible to add a song in the end. Something light heart and ironic. Maybe something by "The Pixies" or Jonathan Coulton.
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I would love to see Mr. Deeds ( this game. He might give advice, or even make a cameo by getting shot or something.
It would also be really interesting to see documents of SCP-231 ( This is one of the most frightening and interesting SCP articles there is, and I think some documents shedding some light on the article would have a really good effect on the rest of the game.
^ Electronic Music or something.
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You know what I think this game could use? Custom controls.
Heheh, you said a bad word.

All of you guys really are special. Did you guys know that? Yes you guys are! Each in your own special way.

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I'm curious if good old SCP-303 is still up for debate. I imagine his ability to block access through doors he occupies could force you to take a less favourable route, possibly putting you in harms way. Plus walking through some quiet halls thinking you've finally ditched all danger, only to have a door in front of you malfunction and partially reveal our wheezy lil' friend might get a good scare out of some people.

Perhaps we could have SCP easter eggs. For example, a security room that monitors certain SCPs that wouldn't work well gameplay wise, but could be worth a creep out. Like perhaps SCP-058 rambling on and on, SCP-027 lying on the floor whilst vermin swarm all over him.