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MonocleBios wrote:"wanted to keep this project somewhat private and work on it solo until the primary engine is done."
Yeah I think he's realizing how big of a task that is now, especially since the stock game has grown even more since he started this conversion project. I mean absolutely no disrespect to him, because it seems he's put a lot of work into it, but I think a new project may need to be started. If anyone would like to talk about this add me on Skype (darkling3100). I will be on sometime after 7PM EST.

Re: SCP: Containment Breach C++ Conversion

I am indeed still working on this, but as someone else mentioned, it is a VERY big project. When I started it, I knew it was a large, complex project, however, I have come to realize that a little better. Things are kinda slow because I need to learn openGL, but all the tutorials I've found are kinda crappy. I've come to understand it a bit better through my own methods using documentation, but college keeps me pretty busy as a robotics major. I've rewritten 95% of the code, recently, but after finding a nice resource on game engines, I'm thinking of rewriting it once more to better structure it for the cross-platform support. At the moment I'm using SFML 2.1 to manage windows, input, audio, and certain aspects of the graphics [the UI items make use of the provided 2D graphics structures and functions], Assimp for model loading, and I have downloaded the OculusSDK as my campus has the first Oculus dev kit and we're getting the DevKit2 sometime in the near future, so I want to get the Oculus support in there as I work on bits to try and make it as fluid as possible. I probably won't rewrite the whole thing, but I plan on setting up an abstraction layer for OS specific operations that need to be done in game [which is why I may just leave SFML in there for now as it is cross-platform and provides window management, and I don't need anything more than a rendering window for the games graphics]. As of this moment, I'm going to use openGL version 3.3 as that should provide a modern enough interface that will hopefully be easily upgradeable in the future when GL 4.x support is more widespread, especially with all the goodies it brings. I still want to use neko for the scripting engine and I also want to implement a dll mod plugin interface, but for now I need to focus on getting other things running, so fancier things will have to wait.

Sorry about the paragraph, I'm not always good at expressing things on my mind, so it usually just gets vomited into words. Like vomit, not everything will make it's way out, so if you have a question, pm me and I'll answer if I can. As a side note, my original project was a codeblocks project, but I have to use Visual Studio for school so it has been migrated to that; however, I plan on using CMake to generate build files.

Lastly, I also want to appologize for the length of time this is taking, but video games are really big projects. Once I get this project to a point that I'm comfortable with, I'll host the code on my github account.

EDIT: Also, I wonder if it would be possible to place a post at the beginning of this thread that I can modify to provide info when need be, that or if someone can just act as a middle man for info. [I guess that's what my website is for, though]
Speaking of which, my website will be automatically be deleted from it's hosting server if I don't log in after a certain period of time, so as long as my site is up, I haven't given up on this.
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Re: SCP: Containment Breach C++ Conversion

Awesome that you haven't given up on this; don't worry about how much time it takes, worry about your IRL stuff first, this comes later.

If you want to modify the first post you can either PM me to change it or you can make a new thread and tell me to unsticky and lock the old one.

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Re: SCP: Containment Breach C++ Conversion

answer42 wrote:I am indeed still working on this, but as someone else mentioned, it is a VERY big project.
If you need any help, even if it's with code re-org, proofing & code review, etc., I'll gladly lend my talents. I work software infrastructure at a large company (30+ million lines of code in all sorts of languages), and would love a chance at contributing to this project.