SCP-682 in SCP-860-1?

Before I begin, let me say that I am not trying to flame/put down anyone who believes in this theory. I'm just stating my opinion.

Some people have been thinking, or at the most assuming, that SCP-682 will chase you in the forest of SCP-860-1. My response to this:


I just have no idea how this would happen. At all. SCP-682 can bash it's way through crap. The effects of SCP-860 may not even happen if the door's bashed open, SCP-860's chamber (if it ends up having one) probably won't end up being something you need to enter in order to get to gate to Gate A or Gate B, (it'll probably be like SCP-895, just some side thing you get to experience,) and last time I checked, SCP-860-1 already has a monster.

Two monsters would most likely be too much, and with SCP-096, more of 173 in your face than ever before, and the MTF in the game already, I'm pretty sure that adding two giant monsters running after you at the same time in the one place that will probably let you escape these threats (with the exception of 096) for a moment wouldn't be a smooth move.

If anything at all, the monster that lives in SCP-860-1 and will probably chase the player if it sees him, should be called SCP-860-2. And it should NOT be SCP-682.

And that's that. Comment?

Re: SCP-682 in SCP-860-1?

Insanity's Bane wrote:
Z-Bites wrote:
Destructoid wrote:...wat.
Yes, people really do think that. Don't ask me why, but people just believe in it.
Like who...?
I'm just curious who said this. People on the forum? On YouTube? People IRL?
A couple of people said it on 860's Containment Breach wiki in the comments, and some others agreed w/ it.

Re: SCP-682 in SCP-860-1?

I wouldn't worry about the wiki children. Just that they don't turn the articles into their twelve year old certified fanfics or insert too much erroneous information. They're not really part of the community, basically we're 4chan and they're 9gag.
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Re: SCP-682 in SCP-860-1?

Insanity's Bane wrote:
That one guy wrote:
Destructoid wrote:I basically we're 4chan.
Did.....Did you just compare us to 4chan?
It was comparing our relationship to the wiki like 4chan to 9gag. "Relationship to" is the comparison.
Oh...That makes more sense.
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