Re: What was your best/scariest/funniest SCP-CB moment

1) SCP-173 jumped in front of me in the middle of the nothingness! :shock: [v0.9]
2) SCP-096 got stuck twice in the same playtrough. :laugh: [v0.8.2]
3) I opened a door and SCP-173 was on the other side looking at me, that made me jump! (I didn't know that he was near me because I didn't hear him spawning) He is SOOO CREEPY when he does things like that! :shock: [v0.9.1]
4) Two MTFs were trying to walk trough the same door from different sides, they ended-up in being stuck and trying to move. :laugh: [v0.8.2]
5) SCP-173 did another of his creepy appearance, I opened an elevetor in the middle of a corridor and he was inside it, looking at the wall. :shock: [v0.9]
:173: :106: <Please, give us a hug!)
:096: <Do you think my face is ugly? RHAAAAAR!! )
:049: <I sense the Desease in you! Take a nap and you'll get better...)