What do you think the ESRB/PEGI/ACB should rate this game?

Title saids it all.

For ESRB People:
T [Teen; Suitable for ages 13 and up]
M [Mature; Suitable for (At least) 16 and up]

For PEGI People:
12 [Suitable for ages 12 and up as it may contain content unsuitable for anyone under 12]
16 [Suitable for ages 16 and up as it may contain content unsuitable for anyone under 16]

For ACB People:
PG [Parental Guidance; Suitable for (At least) ages 15 and up inless if Parental Guidance is used]
M [Mature; Suitable (But not Restricted) for (at least) ages 15 and up]
MA15+ [Mature for Ages 15 and up; Suitable for ages 15 and up]

My choosings:
12 [PEGI]

So what do you think this game should be rated?
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Re: What do you think the ESRB/PEGI/ACB should rate this gam

SyphenTV wrote:Bloodshed - The bloodshed, in my opinion, is really "Cartoony".
I don't see how photorealistic bloodshed (even if it's just something simple like blood on the windows in the server room) is anywhere near cartoonish. What exactly even makes cartoonish blood different from real blood? Better yet, what is cartoonish blood?
SyphenTV wrote:It's nothing realistic, it's just a floating sprite. It doesn't even collide with walls/stairs, it noclip's.
Did you just throw around a bunch of video game terms to make yourself sound smart? None of that makes any sense.
SyphenTV wrote:Drug Reference - I really think this is stupid. Other then the dumb-ass SCP-294 reference
"It's stupid therefore it shouldn't factor into the game's rating."
SyphenTV wrote:the Mobile Task Force talking about it on the radio (which shouldn't count since no one uses the fucking radio for the dialogue)
"No one uses this therefore it shouldn't factor into the game's rating." -_-
SyphenTV wrote:It should only be "Mild" Drug Reference.
420-J is essentially weed you can smoke, which is a pretty heavy-handed drug reference, even if you do consider it "dumb".
SyphenTV wrote:Strong Language - This, I semi-agree with.
I can count at least 10 different times where someone swears, with one of those instances involving a disability being used as an insult.
SyphenTV wrote:Because you know, saying "Fuck" because of such a tiny thing (I.E: like stubbing your toe) in a movie or video game is such a horrible thing that it needs a very Mature rating to go with it.

Also a guy commits suicide in the game, that's an instant M by ESRB standards, a D under CERO, and a 16 under PEGI.

Re: What do you think the ESRB/PEGI/ACB should rate this gam

Honestly, the game is on the tame side for the ESRB in my opinion. But that really depends on what sort of people they are sampling opinion from when it is being rated.

Fact is, this is a Moot Point.

SCP:CB Does not have to have a ESRB or another ratings systems stamps of approval/disapproval as it is not being sold retail. Being a Self Published game, and digitally distributed allows for only the creators moral sense effect the art and not the fear if the game will be up rated to restrict it sales and punish those with mature taste in experiences. It can't be black listed because it has not agreed to be listed in the first place. Even if sold on the site, he still doesn't have to submit to a rating. Rating are optional but the price of doing business in the retail world of high budget triple A crap shoots industry.

This places SCP:CB a unique position of being able to remain unrated and uncensored, for as long as it's not being sent to a retail store. Some games on steam via greenlight are not rated as well as they don't have to be based on this same model.

SCP:CB is scary and tense as all hell breaking loose, but surprise surprise, it's also from a rating stand point acceptable and even tame.

So High Teen to Low Mature based on the ESRB scale.

My opinion. Stay independent, Greenlight it so that more people can find this gem of a game.
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