SCP Containment Breach V1.0 Trailer [Fanmade]

Hi there!

I played the newest version of SCP:CB for the last few days and since I love composing and video editing I thought I might just do a little video.
So I came up with this litte trailer. I have no idea if it is good or not, but I personally think that I've done it quite well.

So yeah. Here it is:

If that thing up there doesn't work:

Watch in Fullscreen!

Also: If this doesn't belong here, please let me know. Thank you.

Re: SCP Containment Breach V1.0 Trailer [Fanmade]

*claps* Very good! Great use of different camera angles and superb editing. Probably a bit long for just a trailer though, and you may have revealed a little too much. The music wasn't the most fitting either imo, but overall I think you did a great job.

Re: SCP Containment Breach V1.0 Trailer [Fanmade]

Lovely trailer. The only flaw I could find with it is the music. It doesn't seem to fit and makes the trailer seem cheesy, although it really is a well made trailer.
Very good job! :duck:
(Also, for future reference, my name is MagicJackz)

Re: SCP Containment Breach V1.0 Trailer [Fanmade]

That trailer is sexy.

I have never had to use that expression. But considering the rather steady tone of horror and death with the teasers we currently have, I feel "sexy" qualifies.

EDIT: Although, I do concur with the other viewers about the impropriety of the action-y-ness of the music. It's too... upbeat, considering.
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Re: SCP Containment Breach V1.0 Trailer [Fanmade]

Hi everyone! (Forgiveness early for my register)
I like ur Trailer and it have me to tempt to do the same there!
I come to post my work to know that I should improve in my future (fan) trailers. I am opened has the criticism has to leave from(of) the moment when this one is constructive!

* The first one Trailer:

* The second one: (will to change register / Originality)

Thank you in advance!:D