change the game engine to UDK or unreal engine 4

how about we change the engine from blitz 3d to unreal engine 4 it will make the gamelooks mpre beautiful and its easy to use and imgine that 096 will chase and fuck you in hd or try to imagine that youre running from 106 in hd and you will be in pd in HD. the engine dont require much knowledge proggraming until you have to get to go to MIT


Re: change the game engine to UDK or unreal engine 4

Jesus Christ you are uninformed(or just attempting to troll).

No, the game will not be changing engines. Porting the entire game would require Regalis to devote all of his time to learning a new engine. He is currently working on a new game so I doubt he would have any desires to port Containment Breach.

Furthermore, fan-made ports are in the works: C++ Port and Irrlicht Port.

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Re: change the game engine to UDK or unreal engine 4

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