But seriously though

I probably won't come back.

I still love SCP and all, but I don't like being here. I'm leaving.
I am now working in another fandom. Please do not try and find me.

So, goodbye everyone, it was fun while it lasted.


Re: But seriously though

I don't understand the need for a seperate thread when you already had the spotlight on you in the other, but I guess this was a good frosted pastries showcase thread anyway. (seriously though, why? some of the worst posting I've seen in a while here, for shame)
It slep time bunner.

Re: But seriously though

SCP-Sean wrote:yea fuck you guys, im out.
So you came back for about 5 posts to say you were leaving? I smell broken logic.

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Omniary: fuck you anglerfish can't smell
Dr. Trialtrex21: how you know bitch
Omniary: it probably could smell you though
could probably smell your fucking dank ass nasty powersuit structure gel trog ass enslaved protein bullshit sloshing in your suit from a mile away