Re: SCP-106's New Trench

Airplane, need I remind you that you're on your final warning. The big, red, text act won't fly any longer. The moderators have, for the most part, been very patient with you and have given you several warnings in advance. This will be the last warning you receive.

I'm sorry that's how it is, unfortunately we've gotten to the point where every time you post someone is waiting to pick it apart, but that's solely from the impression you've made upon others. If someone's being extremely in-your-face about something, either accept anything genuine they have to say and improve, or ignore them. As for the rest of you, if you see something out of order, please, just drop a report and move on. We've all been this person before, so please, try to treat others how you would have like to been then. (I'd link the model requests thread on the old forum as an example of how some of us have matured, quadruple posting and all, but perhaps that's a bit too far for what I'm trying to get across) Locking, as this thread, and by extension, any thread about the plane is a drove for bad posts that have nothing to offer that are actually on-topic.
It slep time bunner.