I'm here to talk about Containment Breach: Run & Kickstarter

Things have been quiet, I know. It's been forever since I've posted on here, and I have been asked daily about the project by some very passionate fans.

Do not worry, the project is not canceled. We are still heading in that new direction we started going back in August.

I felt the need to cover the basis of fans bringing up Kickstarter to me all the time... and why the option of using Kickstarter makes me uncomfortable.

For the past two years that I've been working on this project, it has become a part of me. It's my baby, you can say. A living embodiment of my passion for storytelling... Which is why I have gone through so much to ensure it is told in the right way possible, because I know I have a duty and responsibility to all of you to do the game justice in this official live-action telling of its world... Throughout those two years, I have had fans bring up the notion of crowdfunding to me almost daily... even Regalis at the start of the project suggested it as well. However, I felt having fans fund the project after I told them I'd deliver it to them, would be considered a betrayal to them. I couldn't do that, so I have always disregarded any type of crowdfunding.

Many of the crew that worked on the film have also brought up the same idea of crowdfunding, and were a bit confused when I explained why I wasn't comfortable going about it. To be honest, it's something that has constantly bothered me.

I don't take any decision I make with the project lightly, as I know it affects thousands to tens of thousands of fans of the SCP world, which is why I always think out each creative decision for the project with as much depth as I possibly can, to ensure whether it is the right or wrong direction to pursue.

I don't like talking about Kickstarter because I feel the slight mention of it may have fans angry with me for even touching on the subject of crowdfunding. This is why I wanted to make this post to explain why I feel the way I do about Kickstarter...

Several have come up to me and asked what it is like to be the creative lead of the film, to not have people to really answer to when making this. I always tell them that's a lie, that I have a higher-up to answer to just like everyone else. "Who?" they ask. "The fans" I reply. That's how I see my job on this project. I work for you all. My job is to create an experience that can immerse you in the world you have so lovingly supported and joined together to explore.

I know if I were to put CB:Run on Kickstarter, it would garner a significant amount of support, and hell, we may even be able to get back on it faster than if we were to go the other route. But that worries me, because I told YOU that I wanted to make this without having to have the fans fork up money, and that's something I take seriously in upholding for all of you. That's why I put thousands and thousands of dollars of my own money into making this project... Money that I sometimes couldn't afford to put towards the project, but did so anyways because I believed in the responsibility I had to the fans... to you, to make it a reality. And this money wasn't just some spare amount I had to invest... It was money I sacrificed things for... Sometimes that money was rent money, where I was almost evicted for not having money to cover a roommate's end of rent when they chose to steal money from me and ditch out of the lease, leaving me to pay for everything; sometimes it was food money, where I chose to forgo eating so I can afford to give our hollywood FX artist the right tools to create the SCPs in a more realistic manner; sometimes I had to sell precious things of mine that I had every desire to keep, and now have to live with them being gone for the rest of my life; sometimes it was money that had to go to medical bills because I was hospitalized and had to go to the ER from working too hard to make this film a reality, where I still feel the effects of that ER visit today. All of these things I did to ensure this story is told in the best possible way.

That's my commitment to you, the fans.

I never talk about what what sacrifices I make behind the scenes because I do not see the need to make it known. I don't need the attention from it. But, since some are wondering whether I care about this project... I felt the need to put those curious wonders to rest.

I am uncomfortable with Kickstarter because I feel it breaks a promise between me and you. A promise I have gone through so much sacrifice to uphold...

The way I stand on it, I will not touch crowdfunding unless I get the express permission from my boss... You.

I will continue to fight to tell this story, and I will continue to sacrifice to get this out there. It's been incredibly hard so far, but I will not be giving up on this, and I will not give up on you.

Regardless of what route we pick, I know the day I see the film edited into a final cut and see what you all have to say about it, it would've all been worth it.

Thank you for all the support you have given me.

Thank you.
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Re: I'm here to talk about Containment Breach: Run & Kickstarter

While I'm sure that most of your fans would forgive you if you decided to start crowdfunding your project, it is your decision in the end if it should go on Kickstarter or not.
Personally, I wouldn't mind if this gets crowdfunded or not, since many other people do it too. (Look at Iron Sky as a example for movies being crowdfunded)
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Re: I'm here to talk about Containment Breach: Run & Kickstarter

Here's the first thought I had when I read this: I don't exactly like how you'd forgo several important things to fund the project. Sure, I'm hyped and all, but please don't abandon yourself. Take care. It's commitment, yes, but please do put some attention on yourself despite the project's priority. How would you work on your project if you let personal problems pile up? Your health *will* go down, especially that you had been hospitalized in the past. That's one thing - don't overdo it.

As for Kickstarter, I do want the CB Run to come at an earlier date and I personally am ok with crowdfunding, but if you feel that the very mention of crowdfunding makes you uncomfortable, then alright, it's no. Even if we give the okay on Kickstarter I think you'd still feel bad about it all.