Few Suggestions for 1.3.2

Now I know that 1.3.1 and the whole three months' worth of ordeal of coding 1.3 has very much tired Regalis, Vane Brain, and PXLSHN and we are quite thankful for these amazing and superb updates; however, as bitter as this may sound, there are a few things that I'd like to be added to v1.3.2.

- Stamina Realism: I'm honestly tired of seeing a simple bar dictating our ability to sprint for a certain amount of time, but this is not my concern as of now; my concern is the fact that when hostile and animate SCPs, such as SCP 173 and 106, are near you and you, as the player playing within D-9341's shoes, think it is normal to seemingly straddle along as if they are normal everyday objects; well let me not kid you around, but they are quite lethal and life-endangering as they can be and they SHOULD give you some type of adrenaline rush, prompting you to be in a state of panic and running away from them as far as you can. My suggestion is to add some sort of temporary increase on your stamina bar, enabling you to run just a bit farther away as this would seem more probable and realistic within the realm of human capabilities; and once the increase is over, there should be a temporary decrease on your stamina bar, to reflect the toil and experience that the character has went through. I'm assuming this would not make much of a work to code this within the game as this would add a nice little stamina realism.

- 079's Capabilities: I have read threads upon threads of what SCP 079 could add to the game if he had been designated a more fit and proper role as the entity that controls nearly every single thing within the Foundation and I admit that a few were great, but most were changes that would take too much time to code within. And so, I thought to myself that if there was a small change that would make the SCP game better, what would it be? Besides locking doors and unlocking doors that require a keycard to pass through for 049, which are great small things that add meaning to the game, simply luring hostile SCPs to your location would assume him to be a threat to be reckoned with; for example, SCP 106 is drawn by noises of grief and pain, as the notion was given when 106 appears within its containment cell as the sounds of pain emerges from a prisoner who has a broken femur bone. With this in mind, it is a sound idea for 079 to simply play sounds of pain in speakers so that 106 spawns and becomes a threat to the character, making 079 an SCP to worry about. In addition to this, you may even add a room that can enable and disable all the speakers within the facility, but I worry that may take much time, so there may be no need for this; as of now, I currently think small additions such as these would make the game much better.

Please consider making these suggestions into a reality.

EDIT 1: Comments and other additions/fixes to pre-existing suggestions are appreciated.

Re: Few Suggestions for 1.3.2

Cool ideas, i've thought of a switch in the same room with door control and lights, that the primary lights are OFF when you come and then you can get more light by turning it on. Other thing is a switch that can open all blast doors so they connect and the player gets faster routes but that would make the map layout different and it might not even work.

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Wow... those ideas are really good

the first one should, if implemented also make the speed of the SCP,s :049:( :173: ?) :106: higher and the boost should be shown using a discolored stamina meter (red for example)

the second one could also only be a event : for example 4 way hallway your going into it, the doors close and 079 :079: plays those sounds.

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Blue Prefect wrote:Another suggestion would be to have a guard cover SCP-096 face and give you the option to take off the bag in order to get through the room since the guard would shoot on-site if you enter but through a window
:096: :MTF2: :MTF:
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Well, Personally, I would like to see a couple more additions from the BOH mod. While it would be nice if the rest of that mod's SCPs showed up in the game eventually, I suppose it would make downloading the BoH mod itself kinda pointless then, since all of it would be part of the main game at that point.

So, I guess it would be understandable not to add all the rest. But at the very least a couple more. I would suggest adding 009, 409 or 020 if it weren't for the fact that their hallways/corridors that lead to them tended to glitch and get buggy and even crash the game on occasion when I played it in the past. It might be too much work to fart around with fixing that. So, I can understand if they don't add those 3.

Although, that could've just been me. I know it was made to work with v1.0.6, but I have that version too and it won't work for it anymore when I try. So, it's kinda frustrating for me, because I want to play it again, mostly for the new rooms and scps that aren't in the main game. It used to work for me in the past, but now it doesn't. Still, with how glitch it got when I tried to go to 009, 409 and 020 half the time, I can understand if they don't want to have to bother with all that trouble. Especially after having just updated the main game.

But at the very least in the future at some point, I think it would be cool to add 005 and 038 if nothing else. As it is I noticed in the "item" folder for the main game, the 005 note is still there even though it's not in the game. I don't think it would hurt to add 005 at least and it probably wouldn't be too much trouble to add 038.

Although, if it's true that in the BoH mod, you find 005 on the dead guy in the 409 room, and they don't add 409 to the main game, then it may have to be found on someone else.

Other than that, perhaps fixing the bugs involving 106 and the problem with the map creator maps created by players not wanting to load to be tested out. Not to mention that room 205 doesn't seem to want to spawn for me half the time and the same can be said for the restroom hallway too. And the messages saying you unlocked an achievement don't show up either, when you do so. Although in the achievement menu, the pic for it still shows up to show that you got it.

Beyond that, I didn't have any problems with the game. And I liked the new additions. I also like that they kept the 1074 room around and allowed you to be able to put it in your map if you wanted, despite it having been removed, as kinda a joke for if it still happens to spawn. I thought that was kinda funny.

Too bad my map I created didn't want to load and be tested out in the game. >:(

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Blue Mist 860 wrote:*snip*
I agree with you, I think it would be a good idea to add 009, 020 and 409 to the main game.
However, 020 actually needs to be deadly in the main game, since in the BoH mod, it merely serves as eye-candy for the night vision goggles.
While seeing 005 in the game would be neat, it would be useless since we already have the Omni keycard.
038 in the turn should be accessible with a level 3 or 4 keycard and needs something worth getting inside it's room.
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