Re: (almost)MAV-less Blitz3D

Vane Brain wrote:
driveandkill wrote:I assume this is not working anymore since it is not getting updated is it? I tried putting that file with the .exe in my scp folder, it does start but gets stuck on 100% loading the first time and thats it. If there is a workaround to get it to run with the newest version or if I am simply doing it wrong, it would be nice if anybody could point me in the right direction, I am having severe trouble with MAVs in the middle of my game on the current so this would have been quite nice :D

Edit: After browsing the forum some more I read that redownloading the game can help with MAV when entering rooms and surprisingly it did actually fix it I think
This Mav-less thing is already in the game since 1.3.2
Oh that is good, my MAV issue was caused by game corruption it seems so I hope I dont get so much trouble with MAVs anymore or at least not a mav every 5 minutes or less :P